Redington Super Dry Fly Waders
Redington's Super Dry Fly (zip front) waders.

Redington announced yesterday its 2014 additions to its already successful lineup of waders. Building on the success of its Sonic Pro series of waders, which included the first zip-front waders that didn't come with a $700+ price tag, Redington is aiming to continue its innovative strides with its new Super Dry series of waders. As unabashed fans of the Sonic Pro series (you can read our review here), it will be exciting to see how Redington's latest effort performs in the field.

Redington Super Dry Fly Waders
Redington Super Dry Fly (zip front) waders

The new Super Dry series comes with a significant list of improvements and added features. Leading the list is the addition of Cocona treated interior fabric. Cocona is synthetic fabric that, according to Redington, "uses natural micro-particles permanently embedded in polyester fibers to enhance performance by actively removing moisture, increasing the rate of evaporation and breathability, drying faster and maintaining better odor control." There's little doubt this will sound like music to the ears of anyone who's worn their waders on a day where the air temperature is over 70 degrees and has later found themselves checking to make sure they don't have a leak, only to realize they've soaked the inside of their waders with sweat.

Also new to the Super Dry series is a smaller, waterproof zipper. The zipper on the existing Sonic Pro has proven itself, but is unarguably beefy. If the new, smaller and smoother operating zipper on the Super Dry series leaves owners with a similar level of water-safe confidence, it will also likely earn cheers from Super Dry wearers.

Redington Super Dry zipless and pants.
Redington Super Dry pants and zipless models.

Also new to the Super Dry series is a redesigned hemostat holder that can be worn inside or out, a large, stretch pocket on the front, a new articulated knee design for increased mobility, ergonomic 3mm high-density neoprene booties, updated gravel guard lace hook and a few other odds and ends.

Along with this host of improvements and redesigns also comes a not-insignificant 25% price hike over the Sonic Pros. The full, zip-front model in the Super Dry series -- the Super Dry Fly -- will retail for $499.95 (as compared to $399.95 for the zip-front Sonic Pro waders). The other two models in the Super Dry series, the Super Dry (zipless) and the Super Dry Pants (topless), will retail for $399.95 and $279.95 respectively.