Montana Fly Company produces some of the most beautiful flies in the industry, but doesn't limit their product catalog to flies and fly tying products. MFC is also known for all manner of other fly fishing shwag such as fly reels, strike indicators, nippers and scissors, awesome boat boxes, traditional fly boxes and a great deal more.

One of MFC's most popular line of products is their artist series of products. Spanning everything from fly reels to fly boxes to iPad cases, MFC has enlisted artists such as Bern Sundell, Bob White and Jeff Currier to produce fishy artwork that graces those products.

Montana Fly Company River Camo Fly Box
The Montana Fly Company River Camo fly box.

One of those designs, "Starlight Rainbow" by the aforementioned Burn Sundell graces the Aluminum River Camo fly box we're giving away as part of our latest photo caption contest. It's quite a nice box with an anodized aluminum exterior, pre-slit foam on the inside that will hold up to 228 flies, drainage holes that will allow wet flies in the box to dry without turning the rest of the flies in the box into rusty nightmares and it's compact enough to fit in pretty much any vest, pack or even a large shirt pocket.

As always, entering is dead simple: enter a caption in the comments below and share the contest on Twitter or Facebook using the buttons below. We'll give this one a week. Winner will be announced next Wednesday, August 21. UPDATE: Contest is closed. Winner should be announced 8/22.

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I'm a sucker for egg patterns....

And they said this egg color would not work. SNAP!

not the ears !!

"When an egg sucking leech pattern isn't working, try an egg sucking lamprey!"

The "Ultimate egg-sucking leech pattern"!!!

And I thought trout were the only ones who love egg patterns

Egg sucking Lamprey?

Now that's a fowl egg.

9 out of 10 swamp donkeys would lay waste to an egg sucking lamprey like this one...

Caught my first elephant on a 4wt with an African egg pattern from MFC!

Well, this is bigger than the 10 inch brown you got. Still counts.

Another reason I fish barbless hooks

The first time I fish an egg pattern and this is what I get.

Proof that a egg pattern is what attracts even big critters like Bessey the Lochness Monster!

Dinner time!

This is why I never fish with my zipper open.

Egg pattern = Countless opportunities!

Damn, I knew I should have bought my flies from MFC!

They said the egg sucking lamprey fly from MFC was all the rage!

Wow this is the Best Fly pattern. It catches everything!!

Who knew fly fishing and New Orleans novelty shops had something in common?

Jesus! Chad get the Boga! I'm not touching that thing!
(I think that's what i said when I caught it, prob still the best caption)

I've caught many things... Radios, bears, Telescopes from submarines, but never a lamprey....

I went to sleep with a trout and I woke up with a lampray. I'm never drinking and fly fishing again.

Disneyland is catch and release only!

After a close eggs-animation the egg-zosted angler realized his egg pattern had been scrambled!

I've caught many a bad fish, but this one really sucks!

Who'da thunk.... Pink & Pearl...snag an Elephant Girl.


Looks like the first entry is going to take the cake here.

Marty, with his caption, "I'm a sucker for egg patterns." is the winner. Simple, yes. But no one really knocked it out of the park here. Brian Koz almost did. Maybe the delivery was off. :)

Marty, use the contact form to send us your shipping information and we'll get your fly box out the door.

Lamprey are the new carp!