Sage Evoke in Bronze/Platinum
The new Sage EVOKE in bronze/platinum.

In addition to its two new rod series, the METHOD and MOTIVE series, Sage has also introduced three new reels to its lineup. The first, the EVOKE, is an all new reel design Sages says "push[es] the boundaries of innovative reel designs." The other two, the new 4200 and 3200 reels, leverages designs from Sage's existing reel series in an effort to offer more afforable, budget-friendly options for prospective customers.

Sage Evoke in Bronze/Platinum
The new Sage EVOKE in bronze/platinum.

The EVOKE is an all new, big-game reels series from Sage that features a modified full frame design. The upper part of the frame is closed while the lower half of the frame exposes both sides of the spool to allow anglers to palm the reel. The EVOKE reels use the same sealed carbon system drag design as Sage’s popular 6000 series reels, offering 39 distinct drag settings.

As the EVOKE is intended for larger species, it will be available solely in 8 through 10 weights. The 8-weight reel retail price is $575, the 10-weight retails for $595 and the spools retail for $275 and $295, respectively. Both reels will be available in August 2013.

Sage 3200 Series Reel
The new Sage 3250 in platinum.

The first of Sage's budget-friendly introductions is the new 3200 series, a fully machined aluminum reel based on the well-liked 4200 series. The 3200 series features Sage's fully sealed carbon drag system and one-revolution drag knob. The large arbor 3200 series will be available in 3 sizes (3-4, 5-6 and 7-8). Available in August, these reels will retail for $199 to $239.

Sage 2200 Series Reels
The new Sage 2250 in black/blaze.

The new 2200 series ditches the fully-machined aluminum for die-cast aluminum, but uses a new machining process that Sage says produces reels that "have exacting tolerances resulting in a more finished look than traditional die cast reels." The drag knobs and reel handles are fully machined and the 2200 series retains Sage's fully sealed carbon drag system and will be available in 4 sizes, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 and 9-10. Sage also adds that the 7-8 and 9-10 sizes are spey-friendly, offering plenty of line capacity for the larger diameter lines of the spey world. The 2200 series reels will also hit the streets in August, at the very unexpected price of $129 to $159.