Modernized relaunches under Angling Trade banner

In a challenging employment landscape, fly fishing employers and workers now have a powerful new tool
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Photo: Tim Romano

The North American labor market has been transforming rapidly over the last two decades. The global COVID-19 pandemic, which began almost two years ago today, fueled further transitions which analysts are still trying in earnest to understand. Many individuals amongst the United States’ rapidly aging population that would have retired sometime during this decade, data suggests, decided to retire early as a result of the pandemic. And while the “Great Resignation” has been shown to largely be politically-motivated hype, some workers unquestionably have given up trying to find gainful employment and have left the workforce. The good news? Unemployment is at a very low 3.9%. Better yet, some major employers—many of which are known for their history of providing shoddy working conditions, offering workers no healthcare or other benefits, and paying starvation wages—have actually been forced to offer workers a living wage in order to lure them back to the labor market.

Given this rapidly changing labor landscape, the last couple of years have been challenging for employers. Though the machinations of the labor market are driven primarily by the nation’s biggest corporations and large-scale economic forces, the fallout is one that all employers have had to deal with — including small business owners, which the fly fishing industry is predominated by. Add in increased employment demands created by the remarkable, pandemic-fueled growth of the outdoor industry, and the need for a modern tool that fly fishing industry employers can use to connect with the nation’s fly fishing workforce may never have been greater.

Which is why the folks at Angling Trade, who recently acquired, revitalized, and relaunched the fly fishing industry’s only online jobs portal will no doubt tell you that no time is better than the present for gear manufacturers, fly shops, outfitters, and other fly fishing industry small businesses to connect with prospective hires via

Angling Trade, manned by longtime industry stalwarts Kirk Deeter and Tim Romano, has for almost 15 years been the only media outlet specifically focused on the business of fly fishing in North America. The team recently acquired and have spent months modernizing and adding new features to the portal before relaunching it last week.

“The platform has been modernized, automated and it is incredibly easy to use,” said Tim Romano, managing editor of Angling Trade. “The backend tools do most of the work for the user.”

For those looking to hire, will run you $55 per job posting. Postings include an Instagram post that will be dispatched to 12,700 followers. For $350, an employer gets unlimited posts for a year. Posts can be boosted on Instagram for an additional $25.

When asked what the motivation for acquiring and relaunching was, Romano told Hatch Magazine, “It was pretty straight forward. Angling Trade has been connecting people behind the scenes in the industry for many years now, so when the previous owner of approached us looking to sell, it seemed like a no brainer.”

Romano continued, “The industry, for better or worse, has exploded with people looking to get in or make lateral moves. We thought that with the respect and market insight that Angling Trade Media has, integrating into our ecosystem represented a clear winner in terms of the reach and credibility it would provide for anyone looking to hire or seeking out a career or job in the industry. It’s a very inexpensive way to talk to the most qualified companies and people in the fly fishing industry.”

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