Natural Beauty - By Hayden Clark
Last year's grand prize winner, "Natural Beauty", by Hayden Clark.

To say that this year's photo contest has been our best might be considered to be saying a lot of nothing at all. After all, the site itself has only been around a little more than two years, and this year's photo contest is only our second annual. That said, by virtue of these contests, we've had the pleasure of hosting some of the finest fly fishing photography out there. Some of these photographs have been submitted by professionals, some by avid amateurs and some by everyday fishermen that have become accustomed to carrying a camera on the water with them whenever they go, with little more in terms of expectations that keeping a visual record of the experiences that drive them to the water each time they venture there.

Whether the camera is a $3,000 digital SLR, a point and shoot, a GoPro or a smartphone, the result is the capture of many stunning images which remind each of us why we seek out fish-filled waters. It is a privilege to host and showcase these images and it is no doubt a tradition we hope to carry on for years to come.

Thanks to several generous supporters, the prizes for this year's contest are our best yet. The grand prize winner this year will take home Thomas & Thomas' much heralded NS5 fly rod, one of the best fast-action rods on the market today. But the fun doesn't end there. Maui Jim, Montana Fly Company and Airflo have all provided class-leading products that will reward winning photographers with amazing prizes that acknowledge their amazing captures. If you've yet to submit your entries, you best head to the official contest page and get to it.

And while we've performed no shortage of promotion of this year's contest, and will continue to do so via social media channels, this will be the last formal reminder here on the web site regarding the photo contest. Today marks the 3 week mark for submitting your entries. As a reminder, you can submit up to three entries in the contest. You can swap these entries at any time. If you're unsure how, just contact us and ask. Come October 31st, the contest will close and judging will begin. And, hopefully, before long, next year's contest will open and we'll get to view and showcase some more of the fine fly fishing photography that seems to become more ubiquitous with each year that passes.

Good luck to all.

Interested in viewing this year's contest entries? Head to our showcase page where you can view a random selection of this year's entries.