Damnation Movie Poster
Damnation Movie Poster

This summer has been quickly slipping away, and I've spent the latter half of it with my head mostly up my ass. Between heading to Yellowstone and all the organizing and planning that went along with it and countless other projects that are getting juggled (and poorly, at that), a lot of things have gone unnoticed. So, that said, I totally missed the early July release of the trailer for Damnation (which was, at some point, renamed from the working title 'Amend').

If you're not familiar with the project, Damnation is the latest effort from filmmakers Travis Rummel and Ben Knight, which focuses on dam removal. Rummel and Knight regularly turn out freakishly-good films about fishermen, fly fishing and the natural environments that surround them. 2010's Eastern Rises, which documents an expedition to Kamchatka, does as good a job of explaining the passion that drives most fly fishermen as well as, or better, than any thing else I've ever seen. The more recent Red Gold is a documentary on the ongoing issues surrounding Alaska'a Bristol Bay and the proposed Pebble Mine. Red Gold was recently licensed by PBS for their similarly titled report, 'Alaska Gold'.

Damnation, according to the filmmakers, "is a collection of empassioned voices and spirited stories from the people entrenched on both sides of this devisive issue. Examining the history and controversy behind current and proposed dam removal projects, DamNation presents a dynamic perspective on Man’s attempt to harness and control the power of water at the expense of nature. Nothing lasts forever, not even the concrete monoliths that have impounded America’s free flowing rivers in the name of “progress” for ages."

Unquestionably take the time to check out the trailer below.

Damnation is currently scheduled for release in "Early 2013". For more information on the film, visit the film's official website www.damnationfilm.com. For more information on the filmmakers, visit Felt Soul Media.