Cheeky Reels - Ambush 375
Ambush 375s reading for boxing and shipping.

If you're one of the many hardcore , your wait is over. Cheeky announced that their Ambush 375 reels are being boxed and shipping out today. The Ambush 375 is a freshwater reel designed for line sizes 5 through 7, which holds up to 200 yards of Dacron backing while weighing in at only 5 ounces. It features Cheeky's KarbonEVO sealed disc drag system, built from Formula 1 racing components.

If the whole "built from Formula 1 racing components" thing didn't clue you in, Cheeky reels don't come cheap, but fans swear by them. The Ambush 375 retails for $640, with spools clocking in at half that price. Pre-orders are still available via Cheeky's site, but there's no word on whether the currently shipping stock only fills pre-orders or leaves enough for newcomers to buy the Ambush and have it ship relatively quickly.

Cheeky reels are known for their huge arbors, holding tons of line, while being strong and lightweight. In fact, Cheeky claims that "no other reels with an arbor as large can claim such a drastic strength to weight ratio." Cheeky reels also feature unconventional aesthetics, which is part of Cheeky's stated mission to "to infuse energy and style into the sport".

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