2021 Fly Fishing Show dates cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus

Skyrocketing COVID-19 case counts have forced unwelcome changes in the show's annual schedule
the fly fishing show | edison, nj
Checking out new gear at The Fly Fishing Show in Edison, New Jersey (photo: Chad Shmukler).

After several summer months of steady improvement in impacts resulting from the coronavirus across the United States, the last two months have seen COVID-19 case counts skyrocket throughout the nation. This second wave of virus cases has created a great deal of uncertainty regarding the safety and practicality of holding large, indoor events like The Fly Fishing Show, which is an annual winter pilgrimage for thousands of anglers. As a result of this developing situation, The Fly Fishing show has decided to postpone or cancel 2021 dates for several of its most popular destinations.

Fly Fishing Show president and CEO Ben Furminsky indicated that the changes, which at this point only impact a portion of the 2021 show schedule, are the result of "seemingly endless negotiations with show sites, hotels, and government health agencies."

Fans of the annual Denver, Colorado show will still have something to look forward to, with the Denver show rescheduled from early January to April 30-May 2. But unfortunately, not all negotiations bore fruit, resulting in a lack of viable options for some of show's most popular and most heavily trafficked destinations—namely those in New Jersey and Massachusetts.

“The [rescheduled] Denver dates were the best options we could coordinate between exhibitors, facilities and government entities. We are hopeful for a safe and successful spring event in Denver. Unfortunately, [the Edison and Marlboro] shows could not be accommodated," Furminsky lamented.

Both the Edison, New Jersey and Marlborough, Massachusetts shows are postponed until 2022. For the time being, Fly Fishing Show dates in Atlanta, Pleasanton and Lancaster remain unaffected.

"Changes in the Fly Fishing Show schedule due to the coronavirus have impacted the lives and businesses of hundreds of exhibitors including guide services, international tackle manufacturers, specialized travel booking agencies, artists and retailers plus hundreds of personalities, seminar leaders, fly tiers and other experts with scheduled presentations at each show ... This pandemic has been a financial disaster for communities, show facilities and hotels that rely on the thousands of Fly Fishing Show visitors annually. We have worked extremely hard in an effort to not give up on those who depend on our events, so it is with a heavy heart that we are forced to make these changes," Furminsky added.