What an awesome experience! Congratulations winners and runners up! Can't wait for next year. Fish on!

The grand prize was one of my votes as well - great shot! But who else thinks the tuckered out champ needs something too? Vedavoo will toss in a little bugger sling for him - let me know what color your lad likes :)

Wow! Scott, that's awesome! Thank you very much for the offer! Does it come in digital camo? He said it will help him hide from the fish!

Scott, I looked through the Vedavoo website and woodland camo would be great! Incredible looking product by the way, I can't wait to check it out in person! Thanks again!

Some great pics. But I am surprised to see so many over-Photoshopped and maxed out HDR images in the mix. Personally, I think any image that is manipulated beyond NatGeo guidelines is no longer a photo.

I only see two images that could be classified this way, and in both cases the over-processing is noted. Are you seeing something I'm not?

There was a few photos that was edited sure, but didnt notice anything suspect among the winning.
Some of mine had to go through photoshop cause it was from a video sequence, but without editing.
some very nice photos in the contest.
Congrats to the winners


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