Trump's assault on sportsmen continues

New budget takes aim at programs that protect and enrich hunting and fishing
Photo: Gage Skidmore
During his first 100 days in office, Donald Trump presided over an administration that has effectively killed the Clean Water Rule—which, to anglers, is quite possibly the single most important piece of legislation in existence—gleefully signed off on the rollback of the Stream Protection Rule, instructed the BLM to prioritize energy extraction over all other activities, initiated a review of 27 of our national monuments with the goal of opening up parts of those public lands to oil and gas development and announced plans to defund the EPA.

G. Loomis intros new guide-driven IMX-PRO fly rods

New rods series designed to meet the needs of modern trout fishing
G. Loomis pro ambassador Ben Hardy totes along a couple of IMX-PRO rods (photo: Red Kulper/G. Loomis).
G. Loomis catapulted itself back into the spotlight last summer with the announcement of the Asquith, its $1,000-plus flagship series which has been showered with accolades. As a follow up, G. Loomis is debuting its new IMX-PRO series of fly rods, which the company says is the result of dozens upon dozens of meetings with guides during which Loomis asked one basic question: what kind of rods do you need for today's trout fishing?

A musky moment

The neighborhood always goes to hell as soon as a certain 'undesirable element' moves in
Photo: Chad Shmukler
Time was that my wife and I rented a place “Up North,” as we say in Wisconsin, for a week’s vacation in midsummer. The homey cottage was everything we’d hoped it would be—and it just so happened that the reef that paralleled the shore about a hundred yards out was the best place on the whole lake to fish for smallmouth.

Anglers have a chance to speak up for 11.3 million acres of public lands

Groups urge all to defend land, water and habitat protections in our national monuments
Fly fishing Browns Canyon National Monument (photo: Bob Wick, BLM).
Donald Trump and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke generated an uproar in the outdoor community when the White House announced Executive Order 13792, which directs the Department of the Interior (DOI) to review the designations of 27 different National Monuments. In kind with the strategies of the insurgent movement to privatize and sell off America's public lands, the order casts the process of national monument designations as often hasty land grabs that steal and lock away land from valuable use.