A musky moment

The neighborhood always goes to hell as soon as a certain 'undesirable element' moves in
Photo: Chad Shmukler
Time was that my wife and I rented a place “Up North,” as we say in Wisconsin, for a week’s vacation in midsummer. The homey cottage was everything we’d hoped it would be—and it just so happened that the reef that paralleled the shore about a hundred yards out was the best place on the whole lake to fish for smallmouth.

Anglers have a chance to speak up for 11.3 million acres of public lands

Groups urge all to defend land, water and habitat protections in our national monuments
Fly fishing Browns Canyon National Monument (photo: Bob Wick, BLM).
Donald Trump and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke generated an uproar in the outdoor community when the White House announced Executive Order 13792, which directs the Department of the Interior (DOI) to review the designations of 27 different National Monuments. In kind with the strategies of the insurgent movement to privatize and sell off America's public lands, the order casts the process of national monument designations as often hasty land grabs that steal and lock away land from valuable use.

The Ph.D.

Triggering a memory of feeding
Photo: Tom Davis
It's that time of year: The time when that most glamorous of gamefish, Salmo salar, "the leaper," returns from the ocean and ascends its natal streams to spawn—there to be pursued by legions of impassioned anglers, anglers who essay hundreds, even thousands of casts hoping to feel the urgent throb of an Atlantic salmon on the end of their line.

Otterbox joins the cooler game

New Venture line of coolers offers a handful of unique features
Photo: Ansel Watrous
Otterbox, a company best known for its rugged cases for iPhones and other smartphones, announced this week that it is joining the premium cooler fray with its introduction of its new line of Venture coolers. The Venture is only the latest entry into the increasingly crowded injection-molded high-end cooler space, which is mostly filled with poorly disguised (or not disguised at all) knock-offs of existing products from premium cooler pioneer and 800-pound gorilla, YETI.


Stop fighting dandelions and embrace them
Photo: Johnny Carroll Sain
I’ve never had a manicured lawn. I like the hodgepodge of interesting flowers that pop up in my yard starting with the trout lily in late winter to the golden rod that ushers in autumn. Plus, manicured lawns are bad for our rivers and streams and, in many ways, just plain stupid.