Single Mom Makes $5,000 a Week Selling Hackle from Home

Just in case you’ve been stuck in a cave for the past six months and haven’t heard, the price of genetic hackle has gone through the roof. As you likely know, the fairer sex (and Steven Tyler) have taken to weaving our prized hackle into their hair as a fashion craze. If you're anything like I was, you're sitting on the sidelines pissing and moaning about how you either can't find the hackle you need or aren't willing to pay the going rates. If you are, wake up and get in the game, before it's too late.

OMG! Don't I look totally beautiful???

Since the driving force behind this market explosion is vanity, I'm guessing that it’s got about another six to nine months before things taper off and the supply catches up with the current demand. In the meantime, those of you who are sitting on a decent supply of feathers should cash in, and turn those feathers into gear (because money made FROM fly gear must be spent ON fly gear, of course). You know you’ll never get another season out of those old stanky ass Reddington waders. Six years of crawling through the mud and sticks merits their replacement.

Not sure you want to part with your prized bird feathers? When was the last time you made a 500% markup on anything?

No shit? Check eBay.

these feathers went for $26,452

So before the girls move on to the next thing, bank up. Don't worry, we're not going to run out of birds, but eventually we'll run out of sheep that are willing to pay $15 for a single feather. Lets hope the next trend is jewelry made from old Dacron backing, lord knows I’ve got enough in the basement to wrap the planet. Twice.