Long Shot - Carp
A shot from the film.

Every spring, I tell myself that I'm going to spend more time chasing carp. Carp are readily available to target in virtually every state in the lower 48 and are, perhaps inarguably, one the most electrifying fish to hook up in fresh water. Yet, each year another season rolls by and I fail to explore local waters, some of which teem with carp. This reality is entirely perplexing, given that the last carp I connected with was a 40-plus pound specimen in Vermont's Lake Champlain which nearly pulled the rod from my hand, had me into my backing in seconds, and was gone forever when I panicked and tried to up the drag, quickly popping the tippet. The entire encounter lasted only seconds, but left my heart racing for much, much longer. Anglers who -- unlike me -- give themselves the chance to develop an obsession with these fish seem, almost invariably, to do so. In a new short film from The Fly Collective, well known Colorado anglers Erin Block and Jay Zimmerman share their passion and pursuit for front range carp.

The film starts off with a series of stirring readings by Erin Block -- snippets from her own writings on her blog Mysteries Internal -- which not only set the stage for the film, but illustrate very clearly why Erin is one of the best, perhaps the best fishing writer working today. The fact that carp are an elusive quarry isn't hidden by Zimmerman and Block, it is celebrated as a badge of courage. Though, after hearing about how frustrating the pursuit is and about how things almost always fail to go as planned, we're treated to the angler couple hooking up carp after carp.

If you've not yet fished for carp on the fly, the film should get you geared up for doing so when summer rolls around again. And, if you're a carp Junkie like Block and Zimmerman, it may have you longing for lengthy, sunny days before this year's winter even sets in. Check it out, below.

The Fly Collective is the collaborative media project of Ivan Orsic and Russell Schnitzer. You can see more of their work here.


I don't know how Jay isn't breaking rods left and right with that helper hand that pops up when a fish is hooked up. :)

I was surprised to see HUGE carp in the Boise river as well as my favorite river in South East Oregon.- Some day I would love to land one on a fly!

They're everywhere, pretty much. It is hard to venture into the unknown in search of them, I'll admit. That's why I keep putting it off. But, if you know a spot that holds them, that's at least half the battle. Get out there and throw at 'em.