What's more hardcore than fly fishing? Fly fishing + skiing + snowboarding. This stunning short film was made by Scumliner media for the recently completed Orvis Guide Rendezvous and Down the Hatch Film Festival. The film provides a heart-pounding look at two fishermen who mix winter sports with fly fishing on the might Missouri River.

Oh, wait. That's not what it does at all. What it does is remind us that we're out there in search of fun, not image. "When we set up the shot, we really didn't think that was going to slide. Of course, we didn't really talk about it either." Enjoy.

You'll never pry most of my gear away from me. And with good reason. There's a good use for all (okay, most) of it. But, the idea of simplifying the parts of our fishing that can be is getting a lot of attention lately. This is also with good reason: it makes sense. In the video below, John Geirach sits down with Tenkara USA's Daniel Galhardo to discuss his recent discovery of Tenkara, its virtues and its inclusion in his soon-to-be-released book, All Fishermen Are Liars.

For approximately the last decade, the numbers of king salmon in Alaska have been declining, with the reasons still unknown. Through breathtaking imagery, interviews and great looks at fly fishing for kings, this short film announced last year -- Long Live the King -- seeks to enlighten anglers around the world about the importance of the king salmon fishery in Alaska, its current issues and the steps needed to insure its survival.