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Winter midges

The smallest things can reveal a river's biggest surprises
Photo: Rueben Browning

Within a minute of leaving the truck, I regretted the extra layers I’d added at the last second. Sure, it was cold, but the snow was waist deep. The exertion of moving through the landscape warmed me up plenty. More than necessary, probably, since I felt my extra layers trapping too much moisture against my skin. But I wasn’t about to head back to the truck and change.

Right under my nose

Seeking the cure for fishing envy

About a week ago, I was sitting around trying to get some work done when I got an email from a friend of mine. He works at my favorite fly shop here in Utah, and he was emailing me some pictures of the bonefish he’d snagged while fishing South Andros Island in the Bahamas earlier that day.

A few days later, another friend of mine sent me some pictures of him with a steelhead on some river in Washington. Then a couple days after that I read about two anglers’ grand adventure in Patagonia.

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