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A Deliberate Life

The full length version of the film is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Most anglers enjoy a good fly fishing film festival during the winter. The films energize us for the upcoming spring when rivers thaw and fishing improves. Watching world class anglers from near and far bringing in beautiful fish keeps our winter cabin fever at bay while we dream of things to come.

Every once and a while, a fishing film comes along that moves us in other ways. Whether focused on the arena of conservation or on relating a heartfelt story, these are films that are about more than just fishing. Silo4's A Deliberate Life, which is now available for the first time in its full-length version, is a fishing film that touched me in ways other films never have.

Five years ago, a small group of conservation-minded anglers sat down to discuss strategies for how to excite a new generation of young, passionate anglers. The plan of our small group -- eventually known as the Greenbacks -- was simple: change how conservation is viewed by a younger audience and make it engaging by thinking outside the box.

As Nick Hoover, one of the core members of our group noted, “After being involved with my local Trout Unlimited chapter for awhile, I realized the traditional chapter model might not be working for the majority of my peers. I thought it would be fun to find a committed core of young anglers like me who were having a hard time plugging into TU and together introduce some fun back into conservation."

Our first idea was to host a gallery event, later dubbed 'Surface Film', showcasing of some of the best fly-fishing photography from around the country. “We’re fortunate to know some very talented photographers that are willing to offer their images for the greater good”, said Tim Romano, also a member of the group and well-known professional photographer. Images were gathered, printed, and then framed by Anthology Fine Art in Denver. “It was a huge task to undertake, but it was something we felt strongly about, so we were all in,” noted Anthology Fine Art's owner, and Greenback, Zach Custer.

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