1 week only: Rent and watch the Fly Fishing Film Tour from your living room

F3T is partnering with Trout Unlimited to help raise money for conservation
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Photo: Earl Harper

Warmer temperatures, sunshine and springtime mayfly hatches aren't the only thing that anglers begin to look forward to each year as the calendar turns and winter loosens its grip. This time of year is also when the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) is usually in full swing, bringing some of the sport's best short films to small theaters, art and community centers, breweries, fly shops and so on throughout the country. But, with virtually the entire country under stay-at-home orders, a good chunk of this year's tour schedule has unfortunately been postponed.

Currently, all tour dates through April and many in May have been postponed, cancelled or rescheduled and the tour continues to evaluate the landscape moving forward.

According to Paul Nicoletti, spokesman for the tour, "The F3T is still looking at the potential to put some of our cancelled shows back on the calendar this fall, but are taking public health very seriously and will adhere to state guidelines as the economy reopens. We are also working with our affiliate promoters who were also impacted to do what’s best for all parties, including our fans." Nicoletti added that the F3T is hopeful that "there are options for live shows (even some venues that may allow social distancing practices) in the fall," but that the tour is exploring all possible options to screen its 2020 lineup, including virtual/at-home screenings.

In the meantime, to keep the thirst for fly fishing films satiated, F3T is partnering with Trout Unlimited to do its first-ever rental of its festival films — this time with its 2019 lineup. It's the first time ever that the tour has made its slate of films available for watch-at-home viewing, and the effort is designed to help raise money for trout conservation.

This limited time rental offer starts today and ends in a week. According to a release from F3T, the tour "is combining forces with Trout Unlimited to release a special edition of the 2019 F3T this Thursday (4/23-4/30), available to rent for one week, leading up to the release of the film for purchase on May 1 via Vimeo (iTunes/Amazon/Google releases to follow in June). The special edition will be co-hosted by Hank Patterson, includes 3 giveaways, a never before seen feature Hank Patterson film and tips on how to submit a film for our 2021 tour! Better yet, the proceeds from the rental will be shared with Trout Unlimited."

Renting the at-home screening of the 2019 tour also enters viewers into a raffle for an enormous list of gear and a free trip to the Seychelles. And, as noted, are also several other giveaways associated with the 2019 tour rental.

If you missed out on the 2019 tour the first time around, it's a whirlwind of fishing destinations, spanning the globe from domestic locations like Yellowstone, the Henry’s Fork, the South Fork of the Snake, Wisconsin musky territory, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Oregon and BC's steelhead rivers and even New York City; to far away locales like Australia and French Polynesia.

You can view the 2019 "stoke reel" below for a taste of what's in the 2019 lineup. For full information on the limited time rental offer, the raffle and prize giveaways, and more, head here.