Hofsa River, Iceland
One of the film's awe-inspiring scenes from Iceland. Here, Siggi Haugur walks into his favorite pool on the Hofsa River in Eastern Iceland.

RC Cone, the filmmaker that brought us Breathe -- a film that, through the lens of a month on some of Montana's greatest waters, reminds us why we go fishing -- has recently announced the release of his newest film, Tributaries. Tributaries travels the globe to some of fly fishing's greatest paradises: to the Bahamas in search of bonefish, to Argentina for big, beautiful Patagonian trout and to Iceland to chase elusive Atlantic salmon.

Like Breathe, Tributaries is about more than just fishing. Tributaries follows three guides as they make their way through their local waters and their local cultures and seeks to explore the commonalities shared by fly fishermen throughout the world. According to Cone, Tributaries is a continuation of the journey that started with Breathe, in which Cone explored what fly fishing meant to himself and anglers he met along the way in Montana. In Tributaries, Cone's goal was to look at the bigger picture.

"I wanted to explore the wider implications of fly fishing. How does our sport fit into the world? What is this worldwide community like? What are the differences and similarities on a global scale? Instead of a personal journey, I wanted to explore the world’s waters and the cultures that inhabit them," Cone said.

Tributaries is lighthearted and full of feel. The film is dotted by moments that might qualify for the outtake reel for other filmmakers, but Cone has included them, and the result is a more intimate connection to the film's characters. It is also beautifully filmed, with some breathtaking timelapse photography and stunning captures of each guide's quarry. The look at Atlantic salmon and Iceland's waters offered by the film is alone worth the price of admission, and may leave you finding yourself inexplicably booking a ticket to Reykjavik.

Tributaries is an official selection of both the 2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) and the 2014 RISE Film Festival. It is available now for viewing via digital download for as little as $8. For only $20, you get not only Tributaries, but Cone's previous film Breathe, a beautiful digital book and three songs from the film.

The great thing about filmmakers like Cone and others, who produce films that explore the connection to nature that we make through the sport of fly fishing and the importance that connection plays in the rest of our lives, is that the moments they create on film bring about that feeling in our gut that would otherwise only arise when on the water. Do yourself a favor and help support these filmmakers by buying their films so they can spend countless hours laboring behind the camera and the editing table making more of them for us to enjoy.

Be sure to check out the trailer below.