The new RIO Skagit Max Long shooting head.

RIO has continued adding to its arsenal of lines for spey anglers as well as its integration of its "ultra-low stretch" ConnectCore technology across its lineup with the addition of the new Skagit Max Long shooting head. Also new to RIO's array of two-hander offerings is the two new VersiTip packages, the Skagit Max Long VersiTip and the Skagit Max Short VersiTip.

The new Skagit Max Long is a new, extra long skagit head designed for casting big flies and big tips with big rods. The Skagit Max Long ranges in length from 27 ft to 30 ft, starting where many traditional skagit heads end and venturing into lengths traditionally the domain of Scandinavian style heads. Grain weights range from 500 to 750 grains.

RIO calls the new head "an exceptionally easy casting Skagit style shooting head that will cast big flies, and the heaviest sinking tips with the utmost of ease. A unique taper design not only casts all the nasty stuff associated with Skagit fishing, but also forms beautiful loops and is extremely pleasant to cast." As noted, the Skagit Max Long is built on RIO's ConnectCore technology. And, like all of RIO's lines of late, includes welded front and back loops with their Easy ID labeling system for quick line identification.

The RIO Skagit Max Long VersiTip package.
The RIO Skagit Max Long VersiTip package.

RIO is also offering two new VersiTip offerings with the RIO Skagit Max Long VersiTip and the RIO Skagit Max Short VersiTip. RIO's VersiTip offerings are pre-packaged ready-to-go line systems which are great for anglers just venturing into the two-hand game, or those looking to fully refresh their setup. Each VersiTip system includes a shooting head, a properly-paired running line and a set of three of RIO's MOW tips (floating tip, intermediate tip and sinking tip). The VersiTip packages retail for $159.95.


Any idea which tips are in the Versitip packages? The RIO site doesn't say either.

I think they will come with 4 MOW tips that will match the grain weights ie the 500 gr will come with the Medium MOW tips. You get a full float, 5 ft. t-11, 7.5 ft. t-11 and 10 ft. t-11.