Orvis Hydros
Orvis Hydros

Orvis offering almost a 20% discount on their award winning Hydros rod series. The Hydros series is what Orvis calls the "second lightest fly rod in the world". While we're not 100% sure that's true, the Hydros is light. Made from the same exact blanks as Orvis' top of the line Helios rods, only slightly weighed down by heavier components (reel seat, guides, etc), the Helios reportedly offers amazing performance at a price that is significantly lower than the Helios rods. The Hydros was picked by Field & Stream magazine as one of 2010's "Best of the Best".

The discount is available on all size Hydros rods and both the freshwater and saltwater series. The Hydros is available in freshwater rods ranging in weights 3 to 6, and lengths of 8'4" to 9'. The saltwater Hydros rods range in weight from size 6 to 12, with lengths ranging from 9 to 10'.

We haven't casted the Hydros ourselves, but we've spent considerable time with the Helios (again, same blanks). And while we know some think it's terribly uncool to like Orvis products, the fact remains that the Helios has impressed us everytime one has been in our hands. On a recent trip casting to redfish on the Broad River in South Carolina, we were able effortlessly get an extra 20 to 30 feet out of the Helios compared to the other rods on the boat. That's not even mentioning how light they are.

If you've been thinking about picking one of these up, now would be the time. Head to Orvis to order the Hydros online.