Waypoints Trailer
A still from the new trailer.

Confluence Films, makers of the highly regarded fly fishing documentaries Connect, Rise and Drift, have released a new trailer for their upcoming film, Waypoints. Waypoints takes viewers to exotic, world class fly fishing destinations such as Chile, Venezuela, India, Alaska and St. Brandon's Atoll.

Waypoints Trailer
A shot from the new trailer.

The trailer is more of a teaser, but will undoubtedly get your blood pumping with brief but tantalizing shots of beautiful vistas, tantalizing water and exotic species such as India's giant mahseer.

Waypoints is due out on DVD and in theatrical release on November 8, 2013, but won't be available on iTunes until December 20. Don't miss the trailer/teaser below. If you have trouble playing the video, try heading to Vimeo by clicking the logo and switch to the HTML5 version of the trailer.

Trailer: Waypoints from Confluence Films from The Fly Fishing Guide Directory on Vimeo.