New body-sized YETI cooler, Rambler bottles and a bigger Hopper

New travel bottles and lots of bigger from YETI
YETI Tundra 40 and Rambler bottles

If it says YETI on it, it sells. That's sort of been the way it's gone over the last few years. YETI's soft-sided cooler, the Hopper, has been hard for stores to keep in stock since YETI announced it in 2014 and its Rambler Colster was one of this holiday season's hard-to-find gifts. But it really doesn't matter what it is; if dons the YETI moniker, it sells.

Part of the reason for YETI's popularity is that, as a brand, YETI does a fantastic job of marketing itself. What was strictly a sportsman's brand just a handful of years ago is now, in many ways, a household name. My mom knows what YETI is. But in addition to and more importantly than marketing, YETI happens to make some fantastic products that live up to every bit of its own advertising hype. So, when new YETI stuff is announced, people listen. They covet.

This time around, YETI is announcing a new addition to its Rambler series, a bigger version of the wildly popular Hopper, and an addition to the Tundra series that is large enough to store just about anything you can imagine.

YETI Rambler Bottles

Joining the original Rambler tumblers and the Colster super-coozy is the Rambler bottle which seemed liked an inevitability and has now arrived. YETI will be offering three sizes: 18, 32 and 64 ounces, with pricing ranging from $39 - $89.

YETI Hopper 40

The new Hopper 40 is, quite simply, a bigger version of the existing Hopper 20 and Hopper 30. The Hopper 40 will take 12 more beverage cans (for a total of 36) or haul 14 more pounds of ice (total of 40 pounds) over the next-biggest Hopper 30. Price is $399.

YETI Tundra 350

And last but most definitely not least, for folks that need cold storage for deep sea quarry, hitchhikers, over 300 pounds of ice or those who just dig the idea of dumping $1299 on a new cooler, there's the YETI Tundra 350.

All of YETIs new additions are slated for availability in the spring.