Nautilus CCF-X2
The new Nautilus CCF-X2.

In the saltwater game, your reel is often your most important piece of gear. Saltwater fish test reels in way few of their freshwater bretheren do. The latest saltwater reel from Nautilus, one of the benchmark setters in the industry, is being well received. According to Nautilus, they have utilized the best attributes of the CCF and FWX drag system to create the new CCF-X-2 Reel Series. The CCF-X2 continues Nautilus' 180 year old tradition of creating top of the line and reliable fly fishing products for serious anglers.

The CCF-X2 recently won the Best Saltwater Reel Award at the 2013 ICAST/IFTD trade show. It features a lightweight design, and a dual action CCF disc braking system, which Nautilus claims is capable of generating more than "20 lbs of drag at less than 1% start up inertia with twice the drag surface."

All the CCF-X2 models are fully sealed with Nautilus' Activseal water proofing, and are equipped with InfinAdjust drag tuning technology for fast spool lock down. The CCF-X2 reel also features hybrid ceramic bearings and TPX bushings that "align the axle to ensure that the spool tracks true and effortlessly at all drag settings."

According to the folks at Nautilus, they expect to have the manufacturing process for the CCF-X2 online sometime this month, with reels hopefully shipping to customers by the end of December.