Huck Finn
Huck Finn

I cut me a good straight sapling, ‘bout half-ag'in tall as Pap.

Decided to go with the Predator - graphite, 7’10” 6wt. It’s sturdy in the backbone and fast enough for big flies and a good strong hookset. Slotted on a mid-arbor Battenkill III, the perfect compliment. Good drag and quick retrieve.

Found some old string behind Widow Douglas' place.

Spooled up a 7wt bass taper, overlining the Predator a step. Heavy front end punches the breeze and carries wind resistant bass bugs well while the stiffer coating doesn’t go noodley in warm waters. Added a six-foot 1X knotless tapered monofilament leader, stout enough to turn over the big stuff.

Strung on my best hook. Dug up a mess o’ red wigglers.

Tied up some river clousers – size 2 Mustad 34007, white over chartreuse bucktail with a pair of olive-and-black striped hackle feathers, a little flashabou for accent, with 7/32oz red dumbbell eyes. Connected it with a loop so that it moves more freely.

Walked on down to the river and went fishin’.

Put on my waders, wading boots, staff, gear lanyard, and polarized sunglasses. Walked on down to the river and went fishin’.

Caught a mess o’ fish. Ol'e Jim'll be happy. We'll eat tonight.

Skunked again. Think I need to get more technical. Maybe go with a lighter, longer fluorocarbon tippet, size 4 clousers, yellow eyes ...


My guess is that a 1.5-2.125 IPS 5 foot sink tip delivered with a quartering reach cast would have solved your problem.

I would have thrown some UV head cement on those clousers too, buddy.

Good call, JT. I KNEW I was going at it too simply.