Salmon River
This week saw the season's first significant action on the Salmon River.

Although the areas surrounding the Salmon River in upstate New York were spared the deluge of rainfall delivered to other parts of the state by the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee, several inches of much needed rain did fall. Combined with an brief increase in flow from the dam by Brookfield Power, during this past week, the Salmon River saw its first significant numbers of salmon entering the river. Reports from the lower river on Wednesday and Thursday included word of large groups of kings and cohos moving through.

As is customary, the arrival of salmon brought an onslaught of fisherman of various "styles", followed almost immediately by internet forums set ablaze with observations on the state of sportsmanship on the Salmon River. Rebukes regarding the "lining" and "snagging" of salmon were countered by accusations of elitism and thick headedness, and for a while it all flowed as freely as the river did during it's brief uptick.

In the days that have past, the river has returned to a quiet 335 CFS and the pushes of fish have ceased to continue in any significance. As the fish go, so does the finger pointing and name calling, and for now all eyes have returned to the fish.

Give it a couple weeks.


Oh, the fun begins.

Will I deny myself the Salmon River till late November? Or will I fall victim to the yearly urges and go up anyway, only to stand in awe of Pulaski's finest?

Probably the latter. Who can resist a good train wreck?

train wreck? that's putting it mildly.

if you catch a salmom on the SR, it is mandatory to drag it onto the bank and kick it in the face.