Douglas Upstream Fly Rod

Douglas Outdoors, a newcomer of a company run by long time industry veterans, has received numerous accolades this year for its initial rod offerings, most notably its DXF fly rods. Adding to its existing rod lineup, Douglas has recently introduced its new Upstream rod series. According to Douglas, the response to the introduction of the Upstream series has been so positive, that they've doubled their initial production plans.

Douglas Upstream Fly Rod

The Upstream series is built specifically for small stream fishing, specifically what Douglas calls "bush and upcountry" angling. The rods are designed to be ultra-light and minimalist in their design and their tapers are targeted towards anglers that need to be able to control their line and catch when casting and working in close. The rods, with their all-cork, threadless ring reel seats, are evocative of something you'd see from a custom rod builder.

21000 Upstream 2804 7′ 3″ #3 4 1.3 oz $350.00
21001 Upstream 3734 8′ #2 4 1.5 oz $350.00
21002 Upstream 3834 8′ 3″ #3 4 1.3 oz $350.00
21003 Upstream 4884 8′ 8″ #4 4 1.6 oz $350.00

The series includes 4 models, in lengths ranging from 7"3' to 8'8" and weights from 2 to 4, two of which weigh in at a paltry 1.3 ounces. All of the Upstream models are priced at $350, with availability expected this April.