The Angler as a Predator
The Angler as a Predator

The latest installment in Gary Borger's "Fly Fishing: The Book Series," The Angler as a Predator should be off the presses and shipping as soon as next week. This latest book is the fourth in a planned series of 21 books. The first three books, entitled Fishing the Film, Reading Waters and Long Flies offer an entertaining, well written and incredibly insightful look into their respective topics. Compiled into each book are lessons learned from Gary Borger's long and highly respected career as a fly fisherman. The books are illustrated by Gary's son and long time fishing partner, Jason Borger.

According to the book's publisher, "In the newest book, Gary Borger explores the angler as predator, discussing the how-to and why-to of the tactics of “pretending,” of hunting and stalking fish, of predatory casting techniques such as the sidearm roll cast, the elliptical stroke, the “C” pickup and many others. There are thorough discussions of the fish’s environment and the way they detect predators with their vision and hearing. Fishing after dark is an excellent predatory tactic, and Gary covers this topic in detail. In addition, understanding the many ways of setting the hook allows the fly fisher to take the fight to the fish in a positive way. There are also discussions of using the tip, the mid-section, and butt of the rod during the fight, using side pressure and vertical pressure, fighting the fish without using the rod, and other highly effective tactics. Throughout the book, the 'how to' is animated with stories that stretch back for more than five decades of Gary’s fly-fishing life."

If you're not familiar with the series, you're missing out. Each book is a fountain of information resulting from years of well-heeled experience. The three existing books already offer a bevy of knowledge, and The Angler as a predator is unlikely to disappoint. It is almost staggering to imagine the breadth of information that will be covered and available to the reader when the day comes that the full 21 book series is complete.

The Angler as a Predator is currently available on pre-release sale for $25.00 including domestic shipping. To learn more about the book, the series or to take advantage of the pre-release sale, visit