Exterus Sling Packs
The Exterus sling and large sling packs.

Allen Fly Fishing introduced last week its new brand, Exterus. The new brand is an extension Allen Fly Fishing that will feature soft goods aimed primarily at anglers. Exterus debuts with 4 new fly fishing packs, including two sling packs, a chest pack and a lumbar pack.

According to Exterus, the "started with nothing but a sketch pad and ideas forged through a combined several decades of experience ... each nook and cranny, each subtle feature came together to create four packs that we all agree are the perfect arrangements to complement each style."

The Exterus Ebb Tide sling pack and Ebb Tide large sling pack both feature a design that offers the storage benefits of a backpack with the ease of access of a sling. The Ebb Tide sling is aimed at anglers that prefer a more minimalist approach, while the large sling is capable of handling fly boxes, a large camera, a jacket and a couple of fly rods which can be clipped onto the outside.

 Exterus Chest and Lumbar Pack
The Exterus chest and lumbar packs.

Exterus is touting its lumbar pack for its versatility, noting that "it can be a lumbar pack, hip pack, or chest pack. Remove the waist belt and throw it over your shoulder like a sling. Or take off the shoulder/neck strap and the waist belt, grab it by the neoprene-padded handle and use it as a go-bag for the drift boat."

For more information on the new Exterus lineup, visit Allen Fly Fishing.