Scott Radian

Scott's New Radian Fly Rod Winning Fans Early

Scott's new flagship one-handed fly rod, the Radian, is making its formal debut at this year's IFTD trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Even before it makes it into the hands of the masses, Scott's new rod series is winning over a number of anglers. Scott describes the Radian as a fly rod where "fast meets feel", and it seems like those who have cast it are in agreement.

Scott Radian Fly Rod
Scott's new Radian fly rod.

According to Scott, "until now, you’ve had to choose between a rod with power and line speed, or a rod with touch and feel. But thanks to Scott, those days are over." The answer to this dilemma, says Scott, is their new ReAct technology. ReAct technology "dramatically increased recovery speed ... by minimizing energy - sapping vibrations - ReAct creates fast action, high line speed rods with all the nuance and feel of a presentation rod."

Given that few, if any rods, have truly been able to provide fast action power while allowing for short presentations of size 24 flies -- let alone providing finesse and feel during such presentations -- the fact that Scott is claiming the Radian can do so is no small matter. Still, initial feedback on the Radian has been overwhelmingly positive.