sage x fly fy rod - savan river fly fishing - kamchatka, russia
Santos Madero fishes the Sage X on Kamchatka's Savan River (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Review: Sage X fly rod

Sage has its new classic on its hands

What makes a new rod a company’s biggest release ever? Or most important? Or even most noteworthy? It’s hard to imagine any objective measure. That said, it may be equally hard to imagine that when Sage introduced the X back in June, the Bainbridge Island rod maker hadn’t reached its biggest milestone to date.

Sage X fly rod
Testing the new Sage X fly rod on Washington's Yakima River (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Sage introduces the X

The new rod series marks the culmination of 10 generations of rod making innovation

There's a reason that Sage is one of the industry's biggest and most heralded rod makers. Since it's founding in 1980 by rod designer Don Green, Sage has been producing some of the best and most innovative rods on the market. Rod series like Sage's RPL have achieved near mythical status in the memories of anglers, and the pedigree of Sage's flagship rods breeds an anticipation regarding what's next that is perhaps unmatched elsewhere in the industry. Today, Sage answered that question of what's next by introducing the Sage X, it's latest flagship offering.

Orvis Hydros SL3 reel
Wrangling a bonefish on the Orvis Hydros SL3 reel (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Gearing up

The current state of the art

As a fly fishing writer, I always seem to end up with a boat load of new fly fishing gear to look at, and write about. Instead of following the traditional Hatch Magazine route and offering a detailed look at one particular rod or pair of waders, I wanted to share my impressions on the most notable products I’ve run across since last fall.


Review: Sage BOLT fly rod

Thoughts on Sage's new Generation5-based ultra-fast action offering

I’ve always been a bit intimidated by fast-action fly rods. I’m trout guy—a small-stream creek freak who is much more comfortable using a slower, more precise tool to make shorter casts into tigheter spaces. To me, fast fly rods translated into weapons of random destruction, and to use them right, they required longer casts, double hauls and often some compensation for the wind that was likely blowing wherever something so stiff and unforgiving might be necessary.

And then I learned how to chase bonefish on the flats.

Limay River fly fishing
Angler Bill Schudlich tosses a cast on Patagonia's Rio Limay (photo: Chad Shmukler),

Sage shakes up lineup with 3 new rod series, expands ONE family

There's something new for everyone in Sage's 2016 additions

Sage is shaking up their lineup for 2016 by introducing three all new rod series and expanding its wildly successful ONE family. Joining Sage’s offerings are its new MOD, PULSE and BOLT series, while the the ONE family grows via the addition of the LITTLE ONE and ONE Trout Spey rods. The new additions span Sage’s more technology (and price point) focused approach to crafting and selling fly rods.


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