Brook Trout spawning colors
All in the name of science: a brightly colored brook trout comes to the net after taking a stonefly nymph (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Go fishing for science

Trout Unlimited launched its TroutBlitz 2015 effort over the Memorial Day weekend, in hopes of encouraging America’s anglers to go fishing in the name of science.

Echo BOOST Fly Rod
The ECHO BOOST saltwater series.

ECHO intros new 'BOOST' fly rod series

Last week, ECHO more formally announced a rod series it initially revealed almost a year ago, its new BOOST series. The BOOST is a mid-low price range rod that can easily be described as ultra-fast, which ECHO owner and rod designer Tim Rajeff says he crafted for anglers with more compact casting strokes that are looking to deliver longer casts with higher line speeds and tighter loops.

fly fishing
Photo: Chris Hunt

Fly fishing industry leaders pen letter to Congress calling for restoration of Clean Water Act protections

The Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are nearing the release of a final rule that would restore protections under the Clean Water Act for small headwater streams in the United States. Dubbed Waters of the United States, the new rule would protect small headwater streams from unpermitted development, just as was intended when the Clean Water Act was approved 40 years ago.

Kulik Creek - Wood Tikchik National Park - Alaska
The Wood Range overlooks the crystal clear, grayling-charged waters of Kulik creek (photo: Chad Shmukler).

A fifth lake run

Few things in the world of fishing are what they seem, whether it is fly shop chatter about last night’s hatch, a guide’s description of the rivers he or she works, or a brochure about the bonefish trip you’re thinking about taking. This is with good reason. Fishermen, despite a lifetime of learning that should teach them to do otherwise, carry the weight of unreasonably lofty expectations.

Fly Fishing Knot Tips
Photo: Chad Shmukler

5 knot tying strategies

In fly fishing, everyone is an originator of a new knot -- at least it seems that way. One look on the internet will convince anyone. There are more than enough to fill an entire book, like Left Kreh and Mark Sosin's Practical Fishing Knots. And while it's fun, and even useful at times to know dozens of knots, there are a core of knots that will serve the fly fisher well, regardless of line weight, fly size or species being sought. In addition, there are some essential knot tying strategies that every angler must know.