Fly fishing British Columbia
Photo: Todd Tanner


The last stop on BC's loneliest highway

Blacktooth, British Columbia was the last stop on one of the loneliest highways in Canada. Other roads might go on and on; this one quit just shy of the sheer rock walls of the Gwaxall Range. There was even a sign in town that stated the obvious. “Blacktooth, B.C. - End of the Road.”

Flats fishing turneffe flats belize
A turtle grass-laden flat on Belize's Turneffe atoll (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Packing for the salt

Must haves and don't needs for your next flats trip

I remember that first saltwater flats trip I packed for several years back. Not only did I start piling gear together several weeks out, I racked up way too much credit card debt buying everything from uber-pricey saltwater reels to discontinued flats booties that all but cratered four days into the journey.

Tycoon Tackle Scion Fly Rod - Nymphing - Connecticut River Fly Fishing
Nymphing with the Tycoon Tackle Scion on the Connecticut River (photo: Matthew Reilly).

Review: Tycoon Tackle Scion Fly Rod

A look at the newest graphite offering from reborn Tycoon Tackle

Like most fly-rodders, I share what non-fishermen might more aggressively term a viral disease. Its symptoms include collecting of the most financially impractical sort--I’m always in search of the next “sweet” fly rod. If you think “sweet” is an ineffective way to describe the mechanical characteristics of a fly rod, you’d be right. Nevertheless, it’s the individual-pleasing combination of these characteristics that every fly fisherman is after in a rod, which can be accurately described thusly.

YETI Tundra 40 and Rambler bottles

New body-sized YETI cooler, Rambler bottles and a bigger Hopper

New travel bottles and lots of bigger from YETI

If it says YETI on it, it sells. That's sort of been the way it's gone over the last few years. YETI's soft-sided cooler, the Hopper, has been hard for stores to keep in stock since YETI announced it in 2014 and its Rambler Colster was one of this holiday season's hard-to-find gifts. But it really doesn't matter what it is; if dons the YETI moniker, it sells.

Ozarks Creek
Photo: Johnny Carrol Sain

Through my veins

What do the creeks mean to you?

“So what do the creeks mean to you, Johnny?”

The documentary producer asked me this question while we were standing on the banks of Big Creek in Newton County, Arkansas, while videoing a segment for his upcoming documentary. The documentary is about a hog farm that’s set up shop near the banks of Big Creek, and Big Creek is a tributary of the Buffalo National River. I won’t give any spoilers here, but the documentary focuses on this farm’s impact on the waters and also its impact on the people of the region. It’s a polarizing subject here in Arkansas.