Tenkara Fly Fishing
Wave 'em if you've got 'em (photo: Tenkara USA).

Tenkara as a guide's magic wand

The trick every guide should have up his or her sleeve

We all have them, those days when the fish are rising but the client just can’t seem to get the fly to the target. Usually, it is someone new to fly-fishing but sometimes it is an old hand who just seems to be one step behind in the process. You would really love to have them dead drift a dry to those risers but they just can’t get the mend right or they keep lining the fish. You want them to hook up but they just can’t put it together.

Guides are known for their fish catching wizardry and most of us have a trick or two up our sleeves that helps get our clients into fish.

Photo: Chris Hunt

Not too many fences

Coastal cutthroat and salmon in Alaska's southeast

Jamie Eddy is the maintenance guy at the retirement home in Petersburg, Alaska. He’s one of about 3,000 souls who live on Mitkof Island, and only one of the few who chase trout and salmon with a fly rod.

“There aren’t too many fences here,” he says as he navigates two visiting anglers up into the Southeast Alaskan rainforest in search of coastal cutthroat trout. “For people who come here, it’s hard for them to grasp that this belongs to them just as much as it does to me. It’s your forest, too.”

Manning the counter at the TCO Fly Shop in State College, PA.

Getting the most out of your fly shop visits

Tips from behind the counter

For many, a visit to the fly shop before heading out on the water has become routine. You pick up some flies, grab a new spool of tippet and maybe cast that new rod you've been pining for. Most importantly, you stop to get the information that will make your day on the water a success.

Simply relying on the hatch chart in your dad’s guide book from 1982 isn’t going to cut it. Weather conditions vary and stream dynamics change from year to year. Getting local intel can often be a necessity when fishing water you are unfamiliar with.

Photo: Allison Niccum, © 2015 Allison Niccum Photography.

Heritage and nature

A story of cutthroat trout conservation

If the West were to have a mascot, it’d be either the cowboy or the cutthroat trout. No two icons more accurately portray the fighting spirit — the true grit — that has defined the American West for all these years.

Both the cowboy and the cutthroat trout are emblematic of our great Western heritage, and while honest-to-goodness cowboys are a somewhat rare find these days, cutthroat trout are in even more danger of disappearing.

The Sage MOD, winner of Best Freshwater Fly Rod for 2016.

IFTD 2015 Best of Show winners, highlights

A look at the awards and notables from Orlando

A very busy and energetic IFTD/ICAST show in Orlando came to a close Friday. By and large, manufacturers continued the trend established over the last year or two: continuing to innovate new and improve existing products to perform better, meet niche demands and be more sustainable.