Fly fishing Utah Backcountry
Fly fishing the Utah backcountry in autumn (photo: Spencer Durrant).

Review: Korkers Devil's Canyon wading boot

Korkers' light, versatile wading boots offer a premium in convenience and comfort

Over the past two years, I’ve gone through a half-dozen pairs of wading boots. The first few pairs were cheap - what I could afford at the time - but as I started fishing more and more, I began to realize the need for a solid, dependable boot that wasn’t going to cost me more than I’ve ever spent on a fly rod ($365 on an antique bamboo rod that was just too perfect a deal to pass up).

That’s when I turned to Korkers. One my best fishing buddies fishes Korkers religiously, and between that and their pricing, I had all the endorsement I needed to give them a try.


$89 ECHO Base turning heads, dropping jaws

Tim Rajeff's entry-level fly rod may be anything but

Tim Rajeff, the man behind every rod that bears the ECHO name, has long been swimming upstream by scoffing at the idea that a good fly rod has to cost a month's rent. And Tim has delivered many ECHO rods that cast and fish extremely well and do so at a price point that drastically lowers the barrier to entry for newcomers to the sport of fly fishing and allows experienced anglers to expand their quiver of rods without going broke in the process.

A sculpin-eating brown trout (photo: Robert King).
A sculpin-eating brown trout (photo: Robert King).

Strip-Set: Fly-Fishing Techniques, Tactics, Patterns for Streamers

George Daniel takes you deep into the world of streamer fishing for trout

If you’re not familiar with George Daniel by now you probably should be. His last book, Dynamic Nymphing, is a best seller and considered by many to be the definitive writing on nymphing styles and techniques. George is both a national and world champion fly-fisherman and has established himself as one of the best educators and instructors in the business.

South Fork of the Snake River - Whitefish
Photo: Kris Millgate

Respect the pucker

Why whitefish matter to a river

The best fishing trips have an inside joke. On this trip, it’s a word: pucker. And we say it a lot. The late fall cold causes chills on the South Fork of the Snake River in southeastern Idaho. The breakfast shots of whisky shaking off our shivers make us pucker. The jokes start.

“We’re puckered up,” says Justin Hays, The Lodge at Palisades Creek general manager. “Now catch a fish. It’s all you need to take your mind off the cold.”

West Carson River, CA
Photo: Phil Reedy

So you want to be a great trout fisherman

Here's the blueprint

First things first. If you’re a brand new fly fisherman, you might want to hold off on this piece. This is for folks who are already decent anglers, and who are willing to do everything possible to take things to the next level. If that describes you, and if you’re willing to put in the time, here’s the blueprint. What you do with it is completely up to you.