The Fishing Was Hell

Mike turned to his guide, "Is it much farther?" he asked.

"No, in fact we're there," answered his guide nodding a horned head in their direction of travel.

The Millionaire's Mirror - Photo: Paul Snyder
Photo: Paul Snyder.

Mike turned back and discovered that, miraculously, they were standing on the banks of the Henry's Fork of the Snake; he instinctively knew it was the Railroad Ranch pool. The sky was so blue it hurt his eyes and the vast blueness stretched from horizon to horizon in the dazzling manner only found in the west. Fluffy blue clouds dotted the skies, a light breeze swayed streamside grasses and the sun edged towards the mountains casting long shadows. The air was cool enough to touch the skin gently and it was alive with large, careening bugs.

5 Tips for Better Streamer Fishing

Once anglers achieve success with streamers, they often focus intently on fishing big flies. The reason is simple and well known: big flies catch big fish. There's also a rush that comes with streamer fishing that doesn't come with other brands of fly fishing. Streamer fishing is distinctly different than dry fly fishing and nymphing and in most respects is more dynamic and varied terrain. Unlike these other tactics where following a few basic rules can lead to consistent success, the streamer fisherman needs to approach the water with a more predatory, evaluative eye in order to produce results.

North Delaney Brown - Photo: A.J. Swentosky
Photo: A.J. Swentosky.

Streamer fishing is about the world of swimming prey, whether that prey is smaller trout, baitfish such as minnows, sculpins, leeches or something else entirely -- it swims. And imitating a swimming creature requires a different skill set and approach than imitating a drifting or floating one. Beginner streamer anglers will often try to apply the rules of the dry fly and nymphing worlds to that of the streamer fishing world and end up frustrated when the results don't come.

Hawks and Doves

As the elections of 2014 approach, I have a question for you. Are you a hawk or a dove?

Hawks are vigilant, passionate and protective. They tackle problems head-on and advocate for strong, direct action. That’s true across the board, whether we’re talking about military hawks, fiscal hawks, foreign policy hawks, deficit hawks or conservation hawks.

Fishing with Dad

Doves usually fly in the other direction. They’d rather discuss a problem than do something concrete about it. They want to study a situation, and then, once they’ve studied it, study it some more. They’re worried about the possible consequences of their actions, and they almost always favor a more passive approach.

Tell Your Steelhead Story, Win $1,000

Steelheading isn't for the faint of heart. Merely hooking up with a wild steelhead typically requires healthy does of patience, persistence and possibly a tendency towards obsessive compulsive disorder. These "fish of a thousand casts" don't come easily, but when they do the long hours -- often in lousy conditions -- and hearty effort required to bring a wild steelhead to hand typically breed some good fish tales.

Steelhead Close Up - Photo: Daniel J. Sheets
Photo: Daniel J. Sheets.

Chances are, if you're a steelheader, you've got some good ones to tell. And Trout Unlimited wants to hear and share them as part of an effort to bolster its upcoming campaign that will seek to improve wild steelhead habitat and angling opportunities.

Trout Unlimited is offering $1,000 to the winner of its wild steelhead contest, which it announced yesterday. The winning essay will also be printed in an upcoming issue of TROUT magazine.

RIO Announces New Xtreme Indicator Nymphing Line

RIO recently announced a new addition to its selection of fly lines designed specifically for nymph fishing, one which it is calling the most "mend-friendly line ever." The new line, named the Xtreme Indicator, is also the latest in RIO's growing InTouch series lineup, which includes lines built on RIO's ultra low-stretch ConnectCore technology.

RIO Xtreme Indicator

According to RIO, "Anglers looking for a line to cast nymph rigs with indicators need look no further than the new InTouch Xtreme Indicator line. This line has a short head and a powerful front taper that loads up with a single cast and is the perfect line for carrying heavy loads and for fishing out of a boat."