asquith fly rod
The new G. Loomis 'Asquith' fly rod (photo: Chad Shmukler).

G. Loomis is back and going big with its new Asquith fly rods

Loomis looks to make a splash with its new flagship rod series

It's probably not fair to say that G. Loomis is "back". After all, Loomis hasn't gone anywhere. But, it has been around 6 years since G. Loomis last dropped a high-end rod release on the fly fishing world. And that one was a big one, Loomis' NRX which, for a couple of years after being introduced, was one of the fly fishing world's most coveted rods.

water master grizzly raft
Photo: Matthew Reilly

Review: Water Master Grizzly raft

Truly a boat built by fisherman, for fishermen

It’s widely understood as a somewhat fallacious, though subconsciously persistent, rule that the fishing is always better on the other side of the river; on the overgrown, unreachable bank; or the assumed piece of structure just outside of casting range. As a kid, often confined to the finite dimensions of a dock on warmwater lakes, I spent many an hour cultivating adherence to this philosophy while expending the fishing opportunities between that imprisoning platform and the arc where I could effectively place a lure.

r.l. winston boron iiix super 10 fly rod

Review: R. L. Winston Boron IIIx Super 10 fly rod

The accidentally great dry fly rod

Many anglers were surprised when Winston announced this Super 10. Winston, making rods dedicated to nymphing? Winston makes dry fly rods, right?

In truth, increasingly over the last few years Winston has been producing high-performance rods that have nothing to with dry fly fishing. The Boron III Jungle series and Boron III Plus lines illustrate that Winston isn’t afraid to dive into the big-game arena, and their saltwater rods receive a lot of positive praise throughout the industry.

Ozark mountain stream
Photo: Johnny Carrol Sain


Public lands in Dixie

Thorny vines drooped with the weight of ruby-red berries still a week away from summer ripeness. My daughter, Mackenzie, and I walked farther down the old logging road winding around the head of a steep hollow. We were searching for mature blackberries and raspberries with my four-legged kid, Rudy, bounding ahead as scout and then back to check our progress. We ended up with only half a coffee can of plump wine-colored berries that never made it out of the hills.

Reindeer Lake - Saskatchewan - Arctic Lodges
Photo: Mike Sepelak

Lunch fish

Monster pike on Saskatchewan's Reindeer Lake

It’s a satisfying gurgle, the sound forged through dark water as a foam creation tied dreamily late one winter night is retrieved in fits and starts over dark, north woods water six months later. Yellow with red painted-on dots, trailed by two white marabou feathers and a few strands of tinsel, it passes as a popper, albeit a poor man’s creation.