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One more reason to become a Hatch Magazine sustainer

Keeping Hatch Magazine free to read, without paywalls or limits on the number of articles you can read each month is a great reason to become a Hatch Magazine sustainer. But here's another reason: did you know that Hatch Magazine donates a large portion of its advertising space to conservation organizations, non-profits and other initiatives?

Especially for small non-profits, which lack the large budgets necessary to conduct extensive public outreach campaigns, this advertising space can be incredibly important to their programs, initiatives and fundraising efforts. But don't take our word for it.

“In today’s fast-paced world, it’s a challenge for conservation campaigns to capture the attention of potential supporters. It’s critical to have strong allies in the media who can amplify your message, and Hatch Magazine has been tremendously generous in supporting efforts to protect incredible places in Alaska. Whether it’s providing in-depth coverage via an article, pushing out action opportunities over social channels, or donating valuable ad space, Hatch Magazine has always been ready and willing to pitch in for the greater good.” — Scott Hed, Stop Pebble Mine

"While so much of AFFTA's work on behalf of the industry is behind-the-scenes, there have been a growing number of efforts where public-facing messaging and calls-to-action are vital - from Day for Bristol Bay and Double Haul for Dorian Relief to policy positions on environmental and trade issues. It's the strong collaboration and cooperation we have with media partners like Hatch Magazine that help us achieve much greater visibility and engagement than from emails and social posts alone. We're grateful for these relationships and the important role they play in increasing awareness of the work we do." — Matt Smythe, American Fly Fishing Trade Association

To date, we've donated over $100,000 in advertising space to these organizations. And, this coming year we aim to do even more.

Support from our readers, in addition to being vital to our award-winning writing and photography, is an important part of this effort. The formula is relatively simple: the more direct support Hatch Magazine has from our readers, the more advertising space we can donate to conservation groups and other non-profits.

If you're able, please consider a sustaining monthly or a one-time donation to help support Hatch Magazine.

What will my donation support?

  • more outreach for conservation groups and other non-profits that aim to preserve wild places and increase access to the great outdoors
  • independent journalism covering topics of importance to those that love the outdoors, whether you fish, hunt, bike, hike, kayak, raft, ski, snowboard or any other pursuit that takes place where clean water, clean air and healthy landscapes thrive
  • more award-winning narrative, instructional, humor, fiction and other writing
  • more award-winning, inspiring photography from the streams in our backyards to far away, breathtaking destinations
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  • travel features that focus on the richness of experience that comes from visiting far-flung places and people rather than ads for expensive lodges and luxury treatment disguised as stories
  • ... and much more