Strip-Set: Fly-Fishing Techniques, Tactics, Patterns for Streamers

George Daniel takes you deep into the world of streamer fishing for trout
A sculpin-eating brown trout (photo: Robert King).
A sculpin-eating brown trout (photo: Robert King).

If you’re not familiar with George Daniel by now you probably should be. His last book, Dynamic Nymphing, is a best seller and considered by many to be the definitive writing on nymphing styles and techniques. George is both a national and world champion fly-fisherman and has established himself as one of the best educators and instructors in the business.

In his latest tome, Daniel tackles techniques for fishing for trout with streamers. The book covers just about every conceivable aspect of fishing with streamers — including sections on equipment, reading the water, trout behavior, casting, presentation, a variety of techniques and even night fishing — and provides insight into the mind of a man who some say might as well be a trout.

Critical thinking about trout fishing is what Daniel’s does best and Daniel has a gift for offering in-depth analysis on important topics that other anglers might give little more than a second thought. Daniel’s ability to break down even the most mundane of concepts, such as a down and across presentation, into why, when and how will make you pause and thoughtfully question your approach the next time you tie on that woolly bugger.

The book also happens to be loaded with fish porn at its best. Cover to cover images — over 450 in all — of big fat husky trout make you want to throw away all of your 5 through 7X tippet and start buying 10lb test again. Well placed illustrations and plenty of helpful side notes keep the pages flowing.

The book’s section on patterns from some of the leading streamer fisherman (Kelly Galloup, Mike Schmidt, Blane Chocklett, et al.) alone makes the book worth its $45 price tag ($32 hardcover via Amazon, $25 for Kindle/ebook). While experienced tyers and anglers will be familiar with many of the patterns covered, seeing them organized in Strip Set by style (jigs, swimmers, drifters) will give fly-tiers a great starting point for fly designs and applications.

Strip Set George Daniel

Approach to casting, retrieving, and stripping all have entire sections devoted to them and Daniel breaks down each component with detailed analysis of when and how to apply specific techniques. George’s Intuitive tips such keeping your rod hand extended enough to allow for a stronger set when a fish eats serves as examples of Daniel’s ability to “think of it all” after seemingly countless hours spent chasing trout.
Strip set is available now from Amazon and Stackpole Books, read it and up your game.


While on a fishing venture with a guide I was being criticized for not using a strip set. Out of frustration I handed my fly rod to the guide asked him show me just how execute the set. Upon catching a fish the guide proceed to yank back on the rod and set the hook. Needless to say the trout went sailing through the and off the fly. I turned to the guide said "So you want me to do it just like that?". There were no more comments the rest off the day.