Okay, I've always wanted to go permit fishing. Now I REALLY want to go permit fishing.

Are Florida permit akin to Florida bones, in that they are 10x harder to catch than a permit somewhere else? Getting to FL to fish for permit would be a bit easier than getting to mexico.

Jacks are nasty! I don't understand why they aren't targeted as avidly as their neighbors. Too easy?

Does anyone know what the best locale is for big jacks? Baja?

Chad wrote, "Of the region's few angling outfits..." Actually, there are at least 18 fly fishing lodges in Ascension Bay alone. Of course, my favorite being Club Grand Slam.

Greg, thanks for picking that up. My comment was regarding Punta Allen, specifically. You're correct in pointing our that "region" is inappropriately broad. Correction made.

Happy to hear that you enjoy visiting our fishery in Punta Allen. We would love to host you sometime. Just wanted to kick in with a friendly post correcting your statement there are 18 lodges on Ascension Bay. This is not accurate and I would hate to give Hatch Mag readership the impression we have an overcrowded and highly pressured fishery. The Mexican Government and the Sian Kaan Reserve have limited the number of fishing guide licenses available - and there are no more fly fishing boats on the bay today than there was 20 years ago.

My correction was only meant to indicate that I couldn't speak to the number of operations that were departing from other towns/etc that have access to the bay. I had intended to speak only about Punta Allen.

That said, in the course of a week, I think we saw one other boat that was from another lodge, and it was from another Punta Allen lodge.

They certainly may have been out fishing somewhere amongst the vastness of Ascension Bay, but we didn't seem them.

Thanks Anne.

Once you believe it isn't going to happen, it happens.

Unless you're floating the Alagnak in 85 degree weather, that is.

I envy you for getting a chance to play and land permit, but I've already joined the ranks of junkies without even an eat under my belt yet, just a few rejections and plenty of those variables you discussed. Great read, thanks!

Thanks AJ. More to come on the permit front, but glad you enjoyed the read and hopefully the photography as well.

And I hear you on being hooked w/o an eat. I was pretty much hooked after that foot chase. When there are permit to be found, the allure seems too great to resist, even if there's bonefish about that are easier for the taking.

Wow... I totally whiffed on the photos. All I saw after reading was the CCG banner and decided I had to have one (again)... Time to go through the gallery!

You're actually the second person that failed to notice the gallery, recently. So you're not alone. Adding some larger labels and some other cues as well. Sorry for the confusion.

My actions deserve no excusing! it was a blatant oversight, likely a result of vegging on the couch with a case of the Mondays.

Nice read and photos! Looks like a great place to fish, like many down in the tropics. Permit, bonefish, and barracuda would be a dream come true! I would also like to go Trigger fishing!


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