First cast

After a long, interminable winter, it's coming.
Rainbow Trout

Having a small black lab puppy sitting in the space where my fishing gear usually resides makes that space look a whole lot bigger than it does during the season. It also seems more lonely despite puppy exuberance.

Two months ago I took all my fishing gear out of the back of the Volvo wagon (yes, I live in Connecticut, the native range of the Volvo) and stacked it in the garage. The primary reason was knee surgery which I knew would take me off the water for a while. The fact that it was five degrees outside didn't hurt either. And then this new puppy needed to go somewhere on the ride to the vet.

Today, I began to unwind all that. The air temperatures have improved as has the knee. While snow still lines the banks, there's plenty of open water on local streams. And daylight savings time now provides some sunlight after work. So, I'm going fishing tomorrow.

My gear sits in a disordered mess on the milk crates in the garage. In addition to rod tubes and a sling pack I've got two small duffels filled with all manner of extra gear. Fly boxes. Hand warmers. Old leaders. Loose flies. Plenty of layers for cold and wet. And all the miscellaneous detritus gathered in a fishing life. I probably should take them in and sort out the mess but then it would detract from time spent visualizing angling success. They go back into the car as disordered as they were when they came out.

Tomorrow is a full day. Conference calls from 7 a.m. A client presentation at headquarters. What will surely be a feisty budget call around noon. The afternoon will be a blur of emails and phone calls. But there will be a light at the end of the tunnel as long as I can be disciplined. 5:30 p.m. is when it all ends and sunset is 7:10.

The 4wt rod is still strung up from the last trip so that'll save me a few minutes when I get to the water. I have to pick a stream close by to maximize the opportunity before dark but I know just the place; close off the highway and fishy most days of the year. Doubtless water temps will be less than ideal and I've no idea if there will be any bugs but I'm dreaming of cooperative fish. It'll be my first cast of the spring season. It's only getting better from here on out.