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Clean it with your mouth

Adventures at the 2019 Cheeky Schoolie Tournament
Photo: James Joiner

I live on Cape Cod.

This means I have a higher than average chance of becoming an opiate addict, and it takes me way too long to drive anywhere in the summer. Also, I’m lucky enough to have world class fishing right out my front door. Putting aside the ‘Salt Life’ ‘Bloody Decks’ bro culture that comes with this, it’s amazing living somewhere where you need a rod in the car at all times in case you pass blitzing stripers while driving around.

Not on my pants, not again

A totally meaningless journey down the eastern seaboard
Photo: James Joiner

"Ah man, not on my pants. Not again."

A knowing sadness weighed the voice bursting sharply from beneath the bathroom stall, startling me mid-stream. Not sure what to say or do to help, I finished depositing an afternoon of coffee and beer and made for the exit, tired from a long weekend talking fishing, wiggling fly rods, and knowingly peering at gear.

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