Rock Creek

The fishing is always great at a confluence
Photo: Spencer Durrant

Lander Crook tried in vain to free his flies from a tree. I stood upstream 50 yards or so and watched, slightly bemused, while he twisted and pulled his fly rod in directions I don’t think it was ever designed to go. But Lander has been my best friend since we were both five years old, so when it was apparent the flies weren’t coming out of the tree, I waded downstream to offer friendly advice.

“Don’t catch the tree,” I said, grabbing his leader and breaking it off with a snap. “Leader and flies are expensive – especially since I tie all your flies for free.”

It's time to stop teaching '10 o'clock and 2 o'clock' fly casting

There is no one-size-fits-all casting stroke
Photo: John Juracek

While visiting the shop recently, I learned that one of my young colleagues, recently back from college, would be teaching an even younger group of students how to cast a fly. I’ve always found my friend’s enthusiasm for fishing contagious, his willingness to help others admirable. Since I’d worked with him in prior years on the principles of casting, I thought perhaps the moment was right for a brief refresher.

Review: Redington STRIKE fly rod

Redington's new Euro-nymphing specialist strikes a chord
Photo: Chad Shmukler

I like nice things. Shiny, new, spangled things. Who doesn’t? Sometimes those nice things are expensive, sometimes they’re not. But my favorite shiny new things are those that allow me to spend less and get more. The Redington STRIKE Euro-nymphing rod, one of the newest addition to the Redington lineup, is a perfect example of how to do just that.

Scott intros the Centric, its new flagship freshwater fly rod

After 8 years, Scott is replacing its award-winning Radian
The new Scott Centric fly rod (photo: Scott Fly Rods).

After 8 years, the widely coveted flagship of Scott's freshwater lineup, the Radian, has a successor. Its replacement, Scott's new Centric, is the product of 18 months of development and is built on all new tapers, a bevy of new technologies and new components.

Your chance to watch the 2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour from your couch ends soon

F3T's limited time virtual tour event ends September 7
A still from 'Relentless Pursuit' (image credit: Captain Jack Productions).

Earlier this spring—along with gathering with friends, dining in restaurants, going into stores without a mask on, and an endless litany of other privileges we all enjoy under normal circumstances—the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) was forced to hit pause on its annual tour which treats moviegoers to a yearly buffet of some of the best fly fishing films in the world. But, after a multi-month pause, the tour is back. Not in person, due to the persistent limitations introduced by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but virtually.