Patagonia debuts third installment of 'It's All Home Water' series

The latest iteration is a celebration of water and wild places
Photo: Tony Czech

Snow is simply water in the act of falling to other places, same as a river, same as us sometimes. Within this miracle of the water cycle, this firm, crystalline snow is, for the moment, at rest. The fact that it can be adrift or floating as vapor in the ether is a wondrous thought.

Trump administration set to halt Pebble Mine, sources say

According to multiple sources, the Trump admin is set to stop the mine it brought back from the dead
A leopard rainbow trout from the Nushagak River, downstream of the planned Pebble Mine in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska (photo: Pat Clayton / FishEyeGuy Photography).

According to six sources familiar with the administration's plans, the Trump administration is preparing to reverse course and either block or "hit pause" on the controversial proposed open-pit Pebble Mine in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska, Politico reported in breaking news earlier today.

The Good American Outdoors Act

Has the hype for the Great American Outdoors Act gone too far?
Photo: NPS / Jacob W. Frank.

After over 50 years of repeatedly having its coffers raided by Congress, the widely beloved Land and Water Conservation Fund will now enjoy full and permanent funding thanks to the Great American Outdoors Act. Reaction to the act’s passage was like the readout from a stress meter on the San Andreas fault, highlighting a rift that exists in today’s conservation community.

Fluent redneck

It's best to speak the language of the locals when you can
Photo: Thomas Hawk / cc2.0.

The term “redneck” has a dubious history. It’s a label that’s been applied to me more than a few times. I’ve always been honored by the designation, but I’m not a full-fledged redneck.

Sure, I’ve patched more than a few things together with baling wire and duct tape. I’ve owned some beater trucks, still own several guns, eat a lot of squirrel, live on a dirt road, have a camo ball cap near permanently affixed to my noggin, rarely shave, swig on moonshine, and used to have a loose-leaf tobacco habit.

Are bears showing us new salmon streams?

Grizzlies may be revealing previously undiscovered salmon streams, while highlighting the folly of mining in sensitive arctic regions
A remote river in the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve (photo: NPS / cc2.0)

Are Arctic grizzly bears pointing the way to remote and previously undocumented Brooks Range salmon streams? According to a recent scientific paper published in the science journal Canadian Field-Naturalist, this might well be the case.