The CDC Shuttlecock Buzzer is a great emerger pattern for fishing on the top to rising fish. It was created by Sid Knight, who designed this pattern for dams, reservoirs, and still water fishing. Cast this fly to feed channels and drift on still waters.

HOOK: Curved hook 3x long (Daiichi 1270)
ABDOMEN: Polish Quill
UV Resin: Deer Creek Diamond Fine

Step 1: Make smooth, even wraps on the thread.

Step 2: Tie in the Polish Quill at the narrow end – making sure the darker part side of the quill is on the bottom side (toward the back of the fly).

Step 3: Make even wraps of the Polish Quill, then tie down.

Step 4: Apply a thin later of UV Resin, then cure with the light.

Step 5: Take one CDC feather. Holding the top, brush down the feathers to straighten. Gather one side of the feathers, and pinch off.

Step 6: Tie in the pinched off CDC feathers; repeat on the other side.

Step 7: Now, to make the CDC loop dubbing, take the second CDC feather and place one side in a flat clip.

Step 8: Carefully cut the feather close to the stem, leaving one side in the clip. Using a second clip, place the other half in and cut that off as well at the stem.

Step 9: Using a sharp point, split apart the thread.

Step 10: Using one hand to keep the thread open, insert the feathers from the clips – trapping them between the thread.

Step 11: If the feathers are not in evenly, you may arrange them carefully with your fingers. Then, twist the thread to form your dubbing loop.

Step 12: Wrap the dubbing loop around the thorax.

Step 13. Next, pull the CDC bunch forward toward the eye of the hook.

Step 14: Whip finish the fly.


Another great fly! Once we get moved into our new digs...I'll have to sit down and finally tie some of these! Great job Aileen! Keep them coming!

Thank you, Brittany!