Smith ChromaPOP Polarized Blue Mirror and Polarized Bronze Mirror
Smith ChromaPOP Polarized Blue Mirror and Polarized Bronze Mirror

In our Best Fishing Sunglasses of 2013 feature, we sang the praises of Smith's new ChromaPOP lenses, introduced late in 2013. Since that time, we've continued dragging along our favorites of the ChromaPOP lineup along on all manner of watery excursions, and this relatively new technology from Smith has continued to impress everyone we've shared it with. So, we were considerably pleased to learn of Smith's announcement from yesterday which introduces two new ChromaPOP lenses -- the ChromaPOP Polarized Brown Mirror and Polarized Blue Mirror -- both designed specifically with fishing in mind.

And yes, we're well aware that we've beaten the anglers-need-good-eyewear message to the point of dead horse status, but we're going to keep talking about it. For one, it remains crucial to an angler success. Plus, we like it.

The ChromaPOP Polarized Blue Mirror lens, as blue-mirror lenses typically are, are geared towards the saltwater fisherman in mind. According to Smith, the lens was "designed for the serious off- shore waterman seeking to cut glare, eliminate backside reflections and maximize fish spotting opportunities in open water environments." The lens is the darkest of the ChromaPOP offerings and is intended for use in bright, sunny conditions.

For medium to bright conditions, as well as more variable fishing environments, Smith is introducing the new ChromaPOP Polarized Bronze Mirror and isn't being bashful about its versatility and performance. Smith notes, "the ChromaPop Polarized Bronze Mirror lens creates a color-enhanced visual experience like no other mirror lens you’ve seen. Intensified reds, blues, and greens result in almost 3D-like visuals."

No word on availability, but expect to see these available soon from and Smith Optics authorized retailers.


FYI, I emailed Smith Optics last week regarding prescription Chomapop and Molly Morris replied: "ChromaPop is not available for prescription yet, but it should be hopefully within the next year."

Thanks for sharing that info, Steve. Will no doubt be of interest to many.

It appears that most single-prescription versions of polarized fishing sunglasses (such as Smith, Costa, etc.) run in the $500-650 range, so it's a pretty hefty purchase for me. I'm try to decide whether to wait a year for the ChromaPop, or make the investment now in currently available glasses.

Did Smith provide any indication of whether pricing for ChromaPop prescription lenses would fall in this range as well? The manufacturing of ChromaPOP lenses is different than traditional lenses, so I'm curious as to whether this could decrease or increase the price of prescription ChromaPops.

She did not provide any additional info as to pricing or availability.

Steve, I'm about buying my first prescription sunglasses and based on your coomment Smith will not have Chromapop available for now, right?
Idea is to use them for fishing as well as for other sport (tennis, golf) and drive, etc. Any other sunglasses you may recommend or suggest?


After telling Costa del Mar to send my broken sunglasses back to me so I could throw them in the trash (long story and not like me), I just ordered new Smith's. It was a simple, friendly experience, and my new prescription shades cost only $365. I asked if I needed to mail them my prescription, and the Smith rep said, "Dude, just read it to me." No hassles at all. Not only do these guys make great eyewear, but they are a total delight to deal with.

Chromapop is now available in prescription lenses. You can buy them direct for around $350. I was able to find an eyewear place that took my insurance and got me 30% off. Get after it!