Orvis 2014 Guide Rendezvous
Orvis 2014 Guide Rendezvous

For almost the past 30 years, Orvis has held an annual event where it gathers its endorsed guides for several days of networking, instructional seminars, health and safety training, discussions on habitat protection, beer drinking and more. Hosted again this year in Missoula, Montana, the event takes April 3-5 and features a calendar chock full of get togethers, workshops, a film festival and a downtown celebration of fly fishing culture in Missoula's Caras Park. Unlike in previous years, where the event was reserved for Orvis-endorsed guides, Orvis is throwing the gates open and welcoming all guides to join in the networking, workshops and celebration.

In addition to the other scheduled happenings, Orvis' Guide Olympics are also part of the 3-day rendezvous which features events like the guide Cook Off, Casting Contest, Throw Rope Challenge and Rod Rigging Race and awards prizes to each of the winners. The aforementioned fly-fishing celebration in Caras Park is open to the public at large, and will include food peddlers and industry vendors such as Smith Optics Sunglasses, Big Sky Brewing, NRS, Scientific Anglers, Sawyer Paddles, Hog Island Boat Works, Adipose Boatworks and many more. And there will be tunes, too. According to Orvis, "performances by the popular local band 'Lil’ Smokies' promise to create a ruckus and encourage dancing."

If you're a guide and still aren't sold, Orvis offers this final bit of encouragement on their web site: "We also offer you screaming deals on gear, network like crazy and buy the beer… enough said."

We've heard from Orvis guides in the past that these events are not only a raucous good time but invaluable business-development and improvement opportunities.

You can view the 3-day schedule of events and all the other relevant details on Orvis' 2014 Guide Rendezvous page.