Tug is the Drug Book

The world of publishing continues to change at a bewildering rate. For the most part, whether in the world of news, periodicals or books, this is largely a result of a great deal of publishing shifting from print to digital. Websites have wiped out countless newspapers across the globe, print magazines continue to become more specialized as those that are less so are easily replaceable by digital content and eBook sales have continued to gain a share of the book market. If you're one of the stalwarts holding out for print, there's good reason to be, but there's also good reason to recognize the virtues of digital media: it is available on demand in seconds or minutes, reduces waste and is less costly for the publisher.

The last of those reasons -- the bit about it requiring less publisher overhead to produce an electronic publication -- has long been touted as a route to readers having access to more titles at cheaper prices. For some time, in the world of books the cost savings seemed to be doing little more than getting shoved into publisher pockets, but in recent years eBook prices have dropped and are expected to continue doing so, making them a value even when compared to the paperback versions of most books.

In keeping up with the times, Midcurrent and Headwaters books have formed a new publishing partnership and are offering as their first title a new book by Chris Santella, author of the very well known "50 Places to Fly Fish Before You Die" series of books. The book, titled The Tug is the Drug is a collection of 30 first-person narratives written by the well-traveled Santella, illustrating those travels and the encounters within. Though largely drawn from Santella's contributions to the New York Times, the book includes essays from other sources as well.

The press release for The Tug is the Drug describes Santella as "peripatetic" which, in case you're not a linguist, means he moves around a lot and doesn't like to stay in one place. The result of this tendency is a life filled with interesting stories to tell from around the globe. According to the release, "These thirty pieces take readers from leaping makos near the fairways of Torrey Pines to midnight Atlantic salmon fishing on the fabled Ponoi to encounters with very friendly mujeres on the streets of Havana… and even offer an unauthorized (yet unequivocal) account of Bob Dylan’s 1970s obsession with fishing."

The Tug is the Drug is available immediately in format suitable for all electronic readers and can be had for the terribly reasonable price of just $6.99.