Golden Trout
The protogolden.

Sierra Nevada's Volcano Creek is home of the very first Golden Trout, also known as the 'Protogolden'. Today less than two dozen protogoldens remain.

Keith Brauneis and Caltrout are at it again. You may have seen their last film 'Enough Is Enough', the story that not only exposed the issues but revealed the blue ribbon beauty of the McCloud River. This time they're out to raise awareness of California's state fish, the Golden Trout.

In a 2 week backpacking excursion through the Eastern Sierra, home of the Golden Trout, they will clamber amongst 13,000' crags to examine current conditions and determine future threats to this species. The story of the California Golden Trout will be the over arching theme that will unfold within a real life adventure story about six men's quest to find Liquid Gold in the great American west.

But they need your help. Your Tax Deductible Donation is the key to this project's launch and it's inevitable success. The dollars raised in this campaign will all go directly toward the many aspects required for pre production, filming and post production.

The home of the golden trout.
The home of the Golden Trout.

"While trout in general are known for their kaleidoscope of color, California's state fish, the Golden Trout, is the most spectacularly tinted of all. Goldens drip color and shape matched only by exotic butterflies, birds and flowers. They are found in a most unlikely place; precariously perched in isolated streams and lakes of the Sierra Nevada, among the world’s most spectacular mountain ranges. Sadly, this remarkable species is threatened." said Craig Ballenger of California Trout.

They have assembled a team of six: 2 backcountry experts, Craig Ballenger and Ted Harbour; 2 master fly fishermen, Mikey Wier and George Revel; and 2 nationally-aired filmmakers, Keith Brauneis and Ben Paull.
Together they will embark on a 2 week journey from sea level to 14,000 feet and all points in between, scouring the creeks and alpine lakes of the Eastern Sierra mountain range seeking out the various descendants and hybrids of protogolden.

They plan to release the film in early 2014. Stay tuned.

To help the filmmakers reach their funding goal, visit the Liquid Gold site page on Indiegogo.