About Hatch Magazine

Hatch Magazine is an online magazine / site dedicated to the sport of fly fishing. Featuring articles that focus on destinations from around the world, articles about gear for the gear addicts, news relevant to the fly fisherman, conservation related features, photography collections, video and more, Hatch Magazine is intended to cover the world of fly fishing as we see it.

The term "magazine" should be taken lightly. There are no plans for issues and no plans for print (although neither of these are ruled out). But since Hatch Magazine doesn't fit any other conventional monikers, "magazine" it is.

We hope you enjoy reading and viewing Hatch Magazine.

Hatch Magazine Staff

Editor: Chad Shmukler
Assistant Editor: Johnny Carrol Sain

Todd Tanner
Tom Davis
Matthew Reilly
Chris Hunt
Kris Millgate
John Juracek
George Daniel
Matt Jones
Paul D. Snyder
Chris Goldmark
Aileen Lane
Mike Sepelak
Marshall Walker
James Plante
Walt Geryk
Tom Larimer
Captain Paul Eidman
Ben Kryzinksi
Colin Breck
Corey Kruitbosch
Angus Drummond
Mark Lance
Jeff Bright
Louis Cahill
Paul Vecsei

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