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Unpacking is where it's at

Some folks love the anticipation of packing for a fishing trip, I like unpacking better
Photo: Mike Sepelak

It’s a common sentiment, written about with great regularity, that the packing for a trip is often as exciting as the trip itself. The suspense, the planning, the first steps into what one eagerly anticipates being a glorious adventure. The rod selection, the preparation of flies, the compilation of outerwear, footwear, underwear, and where the hell’s that bug spray. It’s heady stuff, anticipating the trip as one counts down the days to departure, but I have a confession to make. I like the unpacking better.


Twelve is the luckiest number
Photo: Mike Sepelak

The twelfth time's the charm.

I know it's the twelfth because it wasn't the eleventh. No, it most certainly wasn't the eleventh.

I was trying to remember the right number. I thought, at first, that it's the third time that's the charm, but the third time I only hooked my first White Oak bowfin. It came unbuttoned in a decidedly uncharming tarpon-like cartwheel. So the third time's actually the tease, not the charm. It's the twelfth that's the charm. Yes, now I'm sure of it.

Photo: Justin Hamblin.

Editor's note: Our Mike Sepelak has made an annual tradition of sharing on his always entertaining and well-read blog, Mike's Gone Fishin', his home waters version of Clement Clarke Moore's famous poem, which Mike calls as "awful as Grandma's fruitcake and Uncle John's reindeer tie." This year, Mike's has offered to pass on his holiday habit of "squeez[ing] in a holiday post without having to actually work for it" to us, and we're inclined to accept, awfulness and all.

'Twas the day before Christmas and down on the Haw
Not a fish was arisin', the weather was raw.
The water was frigid and brisk was the air,
Too chilly for fishin', but I didn’t care.

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