The most accurate 2016 predictions. Ever.

What's coming in your next year of fly fishing
North Platte River Rainbow Trout
Releasing a feisty rainbow back into the current during a January expedition on the North Platte in Wyoming (photo: Brenden Neville).

If you had told me this time last year that I’d be fishing half as much in the second half of the coming year as I did in the first half, I’d have been deeply depressed. And I’d have fished a whole lot more in the first half. But next year will be different. I know what I’m up against going into the year and I’ve gained some very specific insight into what’s ahead. I’ve also developed some insight into what’s ahead for you.

  1. I will catch my biggest pike ever, on a fly rod, in June. I will do it in the company of great people.
  2. You will discover your newest, favorite fly. It will have sparkle. And some purple.
  3. You will see, out of the corner of your eye, a fish spook from an overlooked spot. You will return later in the season and catch that fish.
  4. You will float a river for the first time and discover that floating a river beats wading most days.
  5. You will leave the river early because you’re not in the right mood to enjoy it. There’s nothing worse that having something the fishing won’t cure and trying to make it work.
  6. At twilight you will stand bank side during an epic spinner fall and deeply savor that something that makes this so great.
  7. A big one will get away.
  8. A small one will make you marvel at the elements of beauty that defy size.
  9. You will arrive at your favorite spot and find no one there. You will take the sweet spot in the run.
  10. You will share a secret fly with a rookie angler and tell him to not break his wrist on his back cast.
  11. You will catch fish on successive trips until suddenly your mojo is gone and you are skunked. The mojo will return.
  12. You will smile at the joy your buddy has at landing a fine fish.
  13. You will try nymph fishing without an indicator. You may or may not like it. Either way it will make you a better angler.
  14. A #12 Parachute Adams will save your day.
  15. You will not go on a planned fishing trip because something more important came up. It will irritate you but you’ll get over it. There are many things more important than fishing.
  16. You’ll make a new fishing friend. It will be one of those intermittent friendships which intersects with flowing water.
  17. You will pull your fly line from the reel and check your backing knot just in case you hook a big one this season.
  18. You will discover the joy of sinking lines and large streamers.
  19. You will be frustrated by fish rising to something that eludes you.
  20. You will read poetry by Jim Harrison and discover that there is some good poetry after all.
  21. You will find, upon reflection, that every day of fishing is a good day of fishing.


Absolutely perfect. Can't wait to see that pike. And number 15 carries more truth than can be imagined, making those days on the water that much more precious. Thanks, bud.