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There are many standouts amongst the rapidly growing ranks of women in the sport of fly fishing. One of our favorites is Aileen Lane. We've had the great pleasure of working with Aileen over the last year, sharing her insight on the expanding field of women-specific fly fishing products, bringing you her detailed and innovative fly tying recipes and more. Given that we've come to know Aileen as a creative and dedicated professional, we were pleased to learn that Aileen would be taking over as publisher and owner of George Douglas' long-standing online publication Kype Magazine, though the news was admittedly a tad bittersweet since it means we'll be losing Aileen as a regular contributor.

Kype Magazine has traditionally been primarily focused on the steelhead and trout waters of the American midwest. With Aileen at the helm, Kype plans not only to shift its focus to include the many great western waters, but also expand its coverage to "trout streams across the continent."

According to Aileen, Kype "will continue to provide interesting stories, useful information, and vivid imagery and photography—with a balance between trout, steelhead and salmon, however we will have our full focus on fly fishing.” George Douglass will stay on to co-produce Kype's upcoming fall issue with Aileen, but will step aside following that publication.

There's also news of a redesigned layout, an expansion into topics of interest to the female demographic and more. Stay tuned.


Thank you so much Chad. It has been such a pleasure and wonderful learning experience working with you and HATCH!!