YETI Tundra Pink
The YETI Tundra 45 in pink.

YETI announced recently that it will be making a limited number of coolers available in pink, with the goal of supporting beast cancer awareness this October. This isn't the first time YETI has gone pink. The company auctioned off a one-of-a-kind pink Roadie last year, as part of a similar effort to raise money for the American Cancer Society. This year, YETI has added its most popular model to the mix and is making the pink models available to the public in greater quantities.

YETI will make both its 20 liter roadie and 45 liter Tundra series available in pink and will provide a donation to the American Cancer society. The donated funds will be used to help support cancer research and enhance patient support.

YETI Roadie Pink
The pink YETI Roadie 20.

Roy Seiders, President of YETI Coolers mused, "We hope the pink coolers will appeal to a female audience and we also believe at least some of our male consumers are man-enough to pull it off. Yes, that is a challenge. "

The new pink YETIs will be available come October 1, the first day of National Breast Cancer Awareness month.


I'm totally man enough to rock a pink YETI.

Now if only I could solve the problem of being too poor to rock a pink (or any other color) YETI.

Not only do I want a pink yeti cooler for myself, I also have a lot of friends that I support with Breast Cancer. My husband is a fishing guide who is man enough to sport a pink yeti tundra on his boat. I would love to purchase one!!!

I'd like to know if Yeti will be making any more pink coolers...I'm looking everywhere for one, but they aren't being sold anymore......