Gearing up for spring creek fishing

Tips for the best rods, reels, lines, leaders and more for delicate spring creek fishing
An Oregon spring creek (photo: Todd Tanner).

As you may have heard, Bozeman, Montana is within shouting distance of some of the West’s finest trout streams. You’re no doubt familiar with the Yellowstone, the Gallatin, the Madison and the Missouri. Not only are they incredible fisheries, but they’re also part of America’s angling lore. Fly fishers from all over the U.S. — indeed, from all over the world — travel to Bozeman with the hope of tempting wild trout on Montana’s storied waters.

How to buy great used fly rods

Tips for striking it rich in the used fly rod market
Photo: Spencer Durrant

I’ve been reviewing fly rods for about a decade. From the latest and greatest flagship rods to sticks from boutique builders, I’ve had the chance to fish more rods than I remember. The only real problem with fishing so many rods is that you eventually start wanting most of them, and that gets expensive in a hurry. The used fly rod market is much easier on the pocketbook, making it possible to fill out a quiver of rods and still have gas money left over.

Photo: Chris Hunt

I guess it started a few years back when I just wasn’t excited about winter anymore. I remember the younger version of me, the guy that used to watch the winter radar and cheer on the storms that moved east across the Snake River Plain to deliver snow by the feet to my little corner of the world.

The Tao of Trout

What does a week-long, $12,500 fly fishing class look like?
School of Trout students gathered on the Henry's Fork in Idaho (photo: Jeremy Roberts).

I remember picking up my phone the other day to dial my friend Todd Tanner in hopes of getting a better idea of what his new fly fishing class is going to be all about. Todd, who’s spearheaded the School of Trout seminars that have taken place on the Henry’s Fork in Island Park, Idaho, for the last few years, is altering the class’ formula this coming fall, and the alteration was the reason I was holding the phone and considering making a call.