Biologists call for 'rewilding' of the West, recommend cancelling 29 percent of grazing leases

Scientists cite cattle grazing as greatest "common threat" to habitat and species diversity in the American West
Livestock grazing on U.S. public lands (photo: Greg Shine / BLM).

A new article authored by a host of university-based biologists and environmental interests takes direct aim at public lands livestock grazing in the West, and claims it represents the “most common threat” to iconic American landscapes during a time of converging environmental crises.

Review: SJK Gear Hone Backpack

A versatile daypack option for anglers and hunters alike
The SJK Gear Hone Backpack (photo: David N. McIlvaney).

Let’s get the day thing out of the way with regards to outdoor pursuits.

Camp is the place in the outdoors where you play and sleep. If you don’t sleep there, it’s called day camp. There is no such thing as (or pressing need for there to be) a sleepaway camp. It’s a redundancy as we already have a perfectly good word for the place in the outdoors where you sleep … it’s camp. I’m not sure how sleepaway camp ended up in the English language. Continual infantilization of language maybe.

Inslee and Murray would support Snake River dam removal

Washington's governor and Democratic senator offer tepid support for removal of the salmon-imperiling lower Snake River dams
Lower Monumental Dam on the Snake River (photo: Bonneville Power / cc2.0).

Democratic Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee and U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, a Washington Democrat, announced last week that they’d both get behind the removal of four dams on the lower Snake River that impede the migration of salmon and steelhead into the Snake River basin of Oregon and Idaho.

But their support is conditional.


Into the depths for something big
Photo: Thomas Harvey

“Be sure to bring your headlamp.”

It was an odd instruction given that I was to meet him at noon. Everything else he’d suggested – sturdy boots, rugged clothes, large dark streamers – made sense.

“And a 7 or 8wt. But it needs to be short.”

Review: Orvis Waterproof Hip Pack

Watertight, airtight, gear swallowing minimalism from Orvis
The Orvis Waterproof Hip Pack (photo: Johnny Carrol Sain).

The appeal of wet-wade fishing, to me, is its minimalistic nature — no waders to slog around in, no watercraft issues to deal with. That minimalism translates to my rod, reel, terminal tackle, and accessories as well. I’ve never understood how a 4-6 hour wade could necessitate multiple rods and an expedition-sized backpack stuffed to the gills. Give me one rod, one reel, a spool of tippet, and a pocket-sized fly box with a handful of trusted patterns. Throw in a LifeStraw or some other lightweight water filter and I’m good to go for miles and all day long if necessary.